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Community Guidelines

The basic guideline is that all members, users and guests of MyLadyboyCupid should treat others as they wish to be treated themselves.

That is, to treat each other politely, courteously with respect, thoughtfulness and understanding. Sending any hateful, hurtful, or content which constitutes harassment to anyone using MyLadyboyCupid is strictly not allowed and will not be tolerated.

Sending messages with sexual content and/or images is sexual harassment. You may end up receiving serious penalties for such behavior.

This is an adult only site so please behave as an adult! We don’t accept puerile behavior.

If you are in any doubt, always remember there are three “golden questions” to ask yourself before you interact with or contact other members or online users:

  • for any messages you plan to send, would you send or say them to a new work colleague or someone you just met at an event or function?
  • if you are about to upload some photographs are the outfits (or lack thereof) or poses therein generally acceptable if you were in a public place?
  • when you are creating your profile, will the content be suitable for a close friend or member of your family to read?

MyLadyboyCupid is a dating site for people who wish to meet others with similar interests, namely looking for long-term relationships. It is not a place where our members and users want to find out about your sexual fetishes or fantasies. It is not a site for you to vent your anger or frustration on people you hardly know or be hateful to others without any retort.

Our ladyboy dating site is like a community service. It is somewhere you can chat to and interact with others about things which interest you both. By treating someone as you wish to be treated is by far the most effective way to make a meaningful connection and establish the rules for long-term relationship.

Set out below are some of our main guidelines and standards and advice on the levels of moderation we will engage. If you violate these guidelines we will find out and take appropriate action. If you see others behaving improperly, you can report them to us immediately.

For your easy reference, the contents of our guidelines can be summarized as follows:

Adults over 18 only
Explicit Sexual Content constitutes harassment
General Harassment
Commercial Solicitation
False or fake accounts
Text and names of profiles
Profiles need to be unique and genuine
Sharing Contact information
Illegal actions
Behavior when offline
Avoid Propagating Hate
False Reporting
Reporting breaches of or community guidelines

Adults over 18 only

MyLadyboyCupid only allows adults over the age of 18 to use the site. Minors under aged 18 are not permitted. When entering information into a profile it's only possible to enter an age of 18 and older. However, there are times when users will not provide their true age. In the event you become aware that a minor is attempting to use our dating site please do let us know.

If any member or user knowingly engages in inappropriate conversations with a person who they know is a minor under 18, such member or user will be banned from our site.


We have special rules and conditions for about acceptable photographs:

  • profile photographs must be of the member or user or be photographs of things or places which you have personally taken;
  • photographs displaying full nudity or being of an overtly sexual nature are not allowed. This may include suggestive photos of women in lingerie on a bed, photos of a kinky nature and so on;
  • memes or logos or other depictions of any hate-based imagery are not allowed. This may include items of a racist or supremacist nature. Similarly, photographs of anything violent, causing offense, illegal, disturbing, or generally unsuitable or inappropriate for a dating site will be immediately removed and you are likely to be banned;
  • any photographs showing contact information on them such as phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook details etc will also be removed. Should this rule be broken repeatedly, your profile may be blocked;
  • any photographs showing members when they were children or of their children, but without them in the image, will be removed.

Any image will be removed where the holder of the copyright asks for it to be removed. This applies where it appears that the displayer is not the copyright holder and does not have permission to display such image.

Profiles of members and users may be removed and the member or user banned in the event of repeated violations of the above rules.

After we have removed photographs, we will email you with a warning. The warning will advise that repeated offenses will result in your profile being removed and you being banned. This really will happen, it's not an empty threat!

Explicit sexual content constitutes sexual harassment

MyLadyboyCupid considers that regaling other members and users with details of your sexual fetishes and fantasies without their agreement is quite inappropriate. Essentially, it's not what our members are looking for. If your photographs or profile are/is reported as offering sexually explicit or offensive content, kinky or unusual sex, we will take immediate action and consider banning you from our site.

Also, we do not permit unsolicited or unwelcome sexually explicit messages on MyLadyboyCupid. Nor are sexualized or harassing comments about other members or users' photographs acceptable. Don't misinterpret an invitation to hook-up as meaning that the other person wants to see sexually explicit photographs, videos or messages.

For the avoidance of doubt, the types of sexually explicit photos which are not permitted include those containing nudity, sexually explicit (ie showing your genitals) or overly intimate poses, photographs in underwear and kinky or fetish-based poses. All of these things constitute sexual harassment and we will ban any offenders.

General harassment

Harassment of any sorts is not accepted. All messages should be respectful and you need to remember that you are talking to people you are just getting to know. You want to build a relationship with one of more some of them. Don't say things online which you wouldn't dare say in real life!

Insulting statements sometimes disguised as "flirting" or "just fun" or other rude or unpleasant behavior is also harassment and can lead to penalties. It's not only members or other users who get harassed but also a staff of MyLadyboyCupid. No matter who is being harassed, we will ban the message or photograph sender.

It should be obvious by now that the text in your profile must be respectful and inoffensive. You are looking for a date, not a fight! Any adversarial, combative, vulgar or hate-filled profiles will be removed and/or your profile banned.

Commercial solicitation

The MyLadyboyCupid dating site is not to be used for commercial solicitation purposes. The exchange or money, tokens or even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is prohibited. No prudent person will share their own financial information (PayPal or Amazon for example, etc.) for the purposes of receiving money or goods from other members. Don't, therefore, send your information to anyone who asks. But, importantly, it is wholly inappropriate to try to get other member's financial or other personal information.

This is a dating site for people to meet partners. So, no recruiting our members or users for a hobby or activity or events or other activities. We do not allow messages to be sent for the purpose of inviting our members or users to an external site or to participate in a so-called "business opportunity".

No references to sugar daddy or sugar baby (paid) dating are allowed. Also, you may not ask for gifts to date, even if they are via subtle messages such as wanting to be "$poiled". And definitely no solicitations such as "Send me $10 and see what..." can be written on your profile.

This is all considered solicitation of money and/or goods and is not allowed. Anyone we find doing such solicitation will be banned from our site.

False or fake Accounts

MyLadyboyCupid does not allow any fake accounts. We are very stringent on this point. The profile you write and the photographs you post must be you and only you! The purpose is to find a person to date, not deceive anybody. All or any fake account(s) we find or which are reported to us will lead to your main account as well as the fake account(s) being banned.

It is important that all of the information used on your profile is accurate. This includes basics such as your age, height, weight, other personal details and your location. The reason is simple. Our searches and matches produced are based on details such as age, location, gender, and sexual orientation. It helps us more accurately help you find one of our members or users who is looking for someone just like you!

Falsifying or changing such information so that you can appear in other search results is not permitted. If you do this, you may find that your profile has been banned.

Text and names of profiles

Don't forget, the name and display text you add to your profile will be the first things any members or users of MyLadyboyCupid see about you. Make such name or information polite and respectful of others. What's the point to pick a sexually offensive name or write a hateful text? If either your profile name or text is considered obscene, offensive or promoting hate we will take action and may ban your profile. This includes any obvious trolling profiles or fake messages.

The name you use for listing should be the name you're commonly called. However, such name can be your first or second name, your initials, or a pet or nickname. We are not asking that it be your full name as on your birth certificate. We know that some people like to keep their true identity reasonably private but you are in the internet and we do require some civility. Names should not include any obscene or offensive language, and you are not allowed to make a profile which appears to be that of a well-known actor or pop star, for example.

Profiles need to be unique and genuine

There is only one you. So, make sure you create a unique profile for yourself. As we said before, you are trying to attract another member or site user to want to date you, not hate you! Your use of the MyLadyboyCupid website must be for genuine relationship-seeking purposes. The site information and membership database is not to be used to assemble a list compatible singles in your area or to seek others to join a club or group or party activity.

Deleting and re-creating your profile name, profile text or other account details to circumvent any Passes or Blocks which another member or users have put on your profile is not permitted. Ignoring this rule may lead to a ban.

Sharing Contact information

You don't really need us to tell you, but it's best be prudent and careful when exchanging contact information. It's easy for scammers or people setting up fake accounts to collect your information for their own purposes. Don't give out your contact or personal information too quickly.

Some unscrupulous people will try to get around a ban which MyLadyboyCupid have imposed upon them so that so they can continue talking with you. Or they might be pretending to be someone else for their own reasons.

Also, it's not wise to give out your phone number out too quickly as you then lose the protection that a dating site can offer you. Sometimes a scammer or fake profile users may apparently disappear as we have banned them. But, sometimes, they will try to reappear using another name. We are very reasonable and give people warnings before we ban them.

However, if we have to, we will take action and ban them for good reasons. But if you are communicating directly having given them your phone number or email address too quickly. You may not know they have been banned! Be careful and exercise prudent caution...

You can report any suspicious behavior concerning phone numbers or email addresses to us and we will investigate. We want all of our members and users to be happy and safe.

Illegal actions

Discussion about or the promotion of anything illegal is not allowed on MyLadyboyCupid. Such behavior includes anything which is against the law of your country or international law. Things like illegal sexual acts, drug dealing, fraud or threats of any kind are all included and unacceptable. Furthermore, we do not accept or tolerate any kind of discussion about underage sex, including fantasies about dd and/or lg related matters.

Behavior when offline

If you become aware of or are subject to any instances of offline abuse you may anonymously immediately report this to us. As appropriate, you should also contact your local police or law enforcement officer. We will co-operate with them as required. We are talking here about issues such as assault, sexual or other harassment, stalking, theft, or anything else illegal or that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Avoid propagating hate

MyLadyboyCupid is a fully inclusive ladyboy dating site. We welcome people as our members irrespective of race, ethnicity, age, creed or sexual orientation or gender identity. We strongly believe there is no room for hate on a website where you're looking for someone to date or love.

We strictly forbid any content in profile names, content or message which members or users send which promote or condones violence or hate. We do not allow dehumanization or discrimination against any individuals or groups. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to you being banned from our site. For the avoidance of doubt, such matters include:

  • offensive comments or statements, hateful or coded derogatory language, or even general references about being a member of a hate group;
  • statements of support towards a hate group or their ideals, whether openly or covertly given;
  • displaying symbols of hate groups in photographs or using racist or offensive memes or depictions;
  • making unsubstantiated or false reports to MyLadyboyCupid staff about profiles may result in your own profile being banned.

False reporting

If an account is found to be creating false reports against other members or users, we will ban the profile holder. For example, this may include includes reporting or highlighting Transgender or Non-binary members users for no reason other than their gender or orientation. It also covers fake, false or made up reports of unsuitable behavior.

Our community guidelines cover a number of instances of unacceptable action or behavior where moderation may be required. However, it is not an exhaustive list, and we retain the right to ban any person from using MyLadyboyCupid for any reason we see fit if circumstances so warrant.

We are fully committed to conducting the business of our ladyboy dating website in accordance with these community guidelines. Our aim is to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained, as well as the safety of security of our members and users

Reporting breaches of our community guidelines

You can help us by reporting, on a completely anonymous basis, anything or anyone who does not comply with or breaches our community guidelines.

It's easy to report an offending profile by simply clicking on the report button located at the bottom of each profile. More detailed instructions are here.

Last Edited on 2019-09-30

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