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Asia is the undisputed home of beautiful Ladyboys. You only have to look at Ladyboy dating sites such as My Ladyboy Cupid to see the profiles of hundreds of these amazing Trans women.

Quite why there appears to be so many Ladyboys in Asia, nobody seems to definitively know. Or is it simply that the numbers are roughly the same as other countries but that they are more visible than their counterparts from the UK or the US?

Ladyboys from Thailand and The Philippines

If you are visiting or living in Asian countries such as Thailand or The Philippines for leisure or business, you will inevitably come across a Ladyboy or two or three. You may meet her working in beauty shops or spas, or government offices when you go to renew your visa. Of course, you may meet a number of beautiful Ladyboys in bars and nightclubs.

One thing you may not appreciate is that there are Ladyboys in all other Asian countries. Vietnam has many stunning Ladyboys, as does Cambodia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and even China. They may not be as visible as the Ladyboys in Thailand and The Philippines, where there seems to be a greater awareness, if not total acceptance, of these Trans women. But Trans women are definitely present in all of the aforementioned countries. For example, even in Beijing or Shanghai, if you know where to look, you can find places where stunning Chinese Trans women congregate.

Thai-Ladyboy posing on the streets in Bangkok - Thailand. Photo by Stephane Bidouze / © shutterstock

Ladyboy dating is possible in almost every Asian country

Sometimes you will meet Ladyboys in Asian countries with even knowing you have met them. Many live their everyday lives as women, with regular jobs and life challenges. Just like ordinary people. But after all, by and large, Ladyboys are just that: ordinary people. They may have been born with an extra body part or without clear external signs of their true female gender (ie without natural breasts). However, fundamentally they are women. Both emotionally, mentally and, to a large extent, physically.

Dating Ladyboys is possible in almost every Asian country

So, let's come back to why so many male members of MyLadyboyCupid are looking to find a beautiful Ladyboy or Trans-pinay of their own for a long-term relationship.

On the physical side of Asian Ladyboys

The facial shape and bone structure is quite similar between Thai males and females. With high cheekbones being a key characteristic. Even without cosmetic surgery enhancements. Asian Ladyboys are often amongst the most naturally beautiful looking females in the world;

Ladyboys are often physically indistinguishable from genetic females. Many do not develop any male characteristic gender markers. In fact, you only have to look at the contestants in some of the beauty contests to see this. Can you believe these Trans women are not genetic women?

Many Ladyboys know from an early age that they are Trans and start taking birth control pills (for their hormonal content) when 10 or 11. Others take sanctioned courses of hormones aged from about 13 or 14. The redistribution of their body fat and natural breast growth means that their body shape stays very feminine

The appeal of Ladyboys from Asia

The appeal of Ladyboys in Asia to foreign men include the following factors:

  • most Ladyboys are sleight in build with slim, svelte figures. Generally, not as tall as other males, they can comfortably blend in with genetic females and go about their daily lives unobtrusively and usually unnoticed;
  • facially many Asian Ladyboys are fine featured with small noses and often high cheekbones. Overall, they have very feminine faces which the ingestion of female hormones only service to accentuate;
  • many Asian Ladyboys take hormones from a very early age, perhaps from 12 or 13. This can offset puberty so that they never develop secondary male characteristics such as facial hair or large Adam's apples. Plus, hormones help with the redistribution of body fat, giving a more womanly shape, especially around the hips;
  • a high percentage of Ladyboys live as young women from their mid to late teens, adopting a complete female persona, with mannerisms and voice patterns to match. Most foreign men may not be as adept as local people in realizing that the lady he is talking to is a Ladyboy, and all he is concerned with is her feminine beauty! Why? Well, as mentioned before most Ladyboys are, to all intents and purposes, women;
  • the dream of most Asian Ladyboys is to have some cosmetic surgery (nose reshaping, brow lifts, maybe chin or cheek realignments) and certainly breast implants. Typically, such surgeries are undertaken in their early 20's so that Ladyboys are in full bloomby the time they are 25 or 26. Some Ladyboys opt for genital reconstruction, some not.

The correct approach to date an Asian Ladyboy

Despite the greater awareness and visibility of Trans women in Asia, it is still not easy to meet a Ladyboy for a long-term relationship. Many men dream of dating a beautiful Ladyboy cabaret star but the realities and practicalities of meeting them are a different matter. The Ladyboys are "fleeting stars" who probably already have many boyfriends in tow. Plus, just because they are beautiful does not mean that they will be a compatible partner.

Without doubt the best way to meet a Ladyboy in Asia is by becoming a member of MyLadyboyCupid . Once you are member you can:

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  • do all this and more from behind your keyboard and the comfort of your home
  • feel secure in that all of the ladies you are talking to are, indeed, Ladyboys. No misunderstandings, no mistakes

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