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What do you really know about Trans-pinay?

Let's start with the basics. Trans-pinay is the term more often than not used for a Ladyboy woman from The Philippines. A term used both within the country and outside of it.

It is a combination of the words Transsexual. Someone whose gender identity is at odds with their gender assignment at birth. And Pinay, the local term for a female (Filipina), whether girls or women, in The Philippines.

like Ladyboys (Katoey) in Thailand or Waria in Indonesia. Trans-pinay have been around in society for years and years. And it is completely incorrect to think that being Ladyboy is a new phenomenon. Brought on by the liberalization of societies in many western countries. And the exposure of young people to the hidden mysteries of the internet and social media.

The Trans-pinay's situation is quite unique

Yet, whilst Trans-pinay share similarities with the plight of Trans people in Thailand or Indonesia. Owing to a quite special set of factors, in some ways, their situation is rather different.

The Catholic church has a stranglehold hold on society in The Philippines. With over 90% of the population (of over 100 million) following the strict. Conservative dogma of the staid institution a legacy of 400 years of Spanish colonization. Such dogma discriminates against gay people and, as an extension, Trans-pinays

TransPinay is a combination of the words Transsexual and Pinay. Pinay is the local term for a female (Filipina).

Once the Spanish left, the country was colonized by the US and there followed some 50 years of liberalization and exposure to the excesses of American society and the film, arts and culture worlds (not all of it good!).

So, the end result? Trans-pinays are tolerated but not necessarily accepted in Filipino culture. And society in many ways similar to the situation of Ladyboys in Thailand.

Do people still see Trans-pinays as special?

Some further reasons for this tolerance include the fact that pre-colonisation (as in much of Asia, including India). The so-called "third sex" ie Trans people or Trans-pinay. Were considered special, of having greater spiritual awareness. And even revered for having the attributes of both male and female characters.

Furthermore, The Philippines, has no history of criminalisation of homosexuals. And gay men and women have, forever, been part of the fabric of society. Albeit for many years having to adopt a low-key profile. Finally, despite the machismo culture inherent in the Filipino culture. The matriarchal pre-colonial roots still stand the test of time so. By and large, women are not seen as inferior to men. Indeed, in many instances, women held privileged roles. Being able to inherit land and the wealth of their fore bearers. And well as being the driving force behind families and major businesses.

So, why do so many foreign men like to date Trans-pinay?

If we then turn to a major question of why so many foreign men like to search ladyboy sites such as My Ladyboy Cupid. Looking to date Trans-pinay. Either when they are in The Philippines or overseas in the US, Canada or Australia. It is clear that a combination of the physical attributes. But also mental outlook of such Trans women play a big part in this.

Let's look at the physical side first. Which appeals to many men looking to date Trans-Filipinas. (There are some generalizations here so please forgive them):

  1. Many Filipino males are relatively slight in stature and overall body build. And Trans-pinay are often blessed with being able to blend in with other females;

  2. Facial bone structures among Filipinos are quite similar between males and females. With high cheekbones and similar face shapes. Trans-pinay women are among the most beautiful in the world. (Even without any cosmetic surgery enhancements);

  3. Few Trans-pinay seem to develop male characteristics such as prominent Adam’s apples. Or broad shoulders or other key markers which suggest they may have been born male;

  4. When many Trans-pinay start taking medication such as birth control pills. (For their hormonal content and which many do in their teens). Or begin sanctioned courses of hormones, their redistribution of fat. (To the hips and thighs). And, often natural breast growth. Means that their body shape becomes very feminine very easy.

Then there is the mental side. And key attractions of Trans-pinay for potential suitors looking to date. Such ladyboys include:

  • Many Trans-pinay are gregarious and outgoing. Due to having to try harder and get ahead in a society. Which, as mentioned earlier, tolerates but not completely accepts them;
  • Many ladyboy women from The Philippines are educated. And have a degrees in marketing or business. And have often forged good careers;
  • The English language abilities of most Filipino people are first class. Making it that so much easier to communicate when you are ladyboy dating and building a relationship someone. Whether it be a Trans-person or not;
  • Having exposed to western (ie US) culture and societal thoughts for over 50 years. (Not to mention the huge populations of Filipinos living overseas in most major countries). Trans-pinay are comfortable to meet, date and, where allowed. Marry foreign men using Trans sites such as MyLadyboyCupid;

Trans-pinay's will forever be part of society's fabric

Yes, there may appear to be a contradiction between the conservative society. Which Tran-pinay to grow up in in The Philippines. But the reality is that tolerance of others who are different in some way. It is very much ingrained in societies in most Asian countries. It's only when religious bodies or dictatorial governments, need to exert control. That Transgender people and other minorities tend to be more marginalized.

Hopefully, The Philippines can continue to change. And work towards better understanding and support when it comes to Trans-pinays.

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