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Ladyboy Dating is no longer confined to a few Trans attracted men with a penchant for someone different!

Increasingly, over the last 6-7 years, Ladyboy dating has become much more popular. Transgender women have become more visible throughout all aspects of life. Social media, reaching huge audiences and with “instant this” and “instant that”, has been a great driver of more liberal societal attitudes towards Trans women.

Ladyboys have also become more visible in the west with, for example, touring Ladyboy cabaret shows to Europe and the US. Then, with more and more visitors to Thailand and The Philippines, considered as the true “home” of Ladyboys and Trans-Pinay, awareness of the “third gender” has continued to increase. Not to mention the proliferation of well-known dating site such as My Ladyboy Cupid.

The creation of these sites has done wonders for the Trans dating scene. On a daily basis, more Trans oriented men than ever are joining Ladyboy dating sites looking for their ideal Trans woman.

If you care to look back through history you can easily find out that Trans women have been around for thousands of years. Go back to the Ancient Greek or Roman or Chinese societies and you will find references to males who either dressed or presented as females. Emperors and other high-ranking men or soldiers often had Trans mistresses or lovers. Being Trans in ancient times often carried a special status and you can see this in some of the Native Indian or Pacific Island societies. People of the "third gender" in such societies are revered for their ability to understand both the male and female psyche.

Increasingly, over the last 6-7 years, Ladyboy dating has become much more popular.

Some people are puzzled about Ladyboy dating

Even though more men are openly for Ladyboy dating, there are still some amongst us who are not quite sure or unclear about what being a Trans woman involves. Indeed, some people think that being a Ladyboy is a choice or an attention seeking phase. Throughout history, when you have men dressing up in women’s clothes and presenting as female, this has always raised concerns.

Recent (ie over the last 30-40 years) scientific and social research has proved beyond doubt that being a Ladyboy is not a lifestyle choice or a passing fad. Being a Ladyboy means that the person in question is Transgender and is, more like than not, living with gender dysphoria. Such dysphoria occurs when a person has a mismatch between their physical appearance and mind and emotional set up. In short, a Ladyboy may have some male characteristics but is emotionally and temperamentally female. For those people who have yet to meet a Trans woman person, here are some tips to help you find your perfect Ladyboy.

A Ladyboy can also be called a Transgender or Trans person. The word was coined some 30 years ago to describe certain “males” in Thailand or The Philippines who had male and female tendencies, both of a “Lady” and of a “Boy”. The term Transgender came later. The prefix "Trans" is actually from Latin and means across or through. Therefore, Transgender means "across genders". Accordingly, Ladyboys are seen by many to be part male and part female, or somewhere in the middle of the two main genders.

Having said this, Ladyboys and Transgender people are not new phenomena, created by younger generations. In ancient times, being a Ladyboy or Trans had a unique status. Indeed, in many of the Pacific Island or native US Indian societies, Ladyboys were highly regarded for their ability to be able to combine the best of both the female and male psyche.

References to Ladyboys also appear in Ancient Greek or Roman or Chinese societies. Highly placed community leaders or generals often had Ladyboys or Trans lovers. You can see that, of the many eunuchs tasked to watch over the Emperor’s concubines, a high percentage also had a place in the bedroom as a “special type” of female.

The names used for Ladyboys has evolved over time

Over the years, different terms have been used for Ladyboys. Unfortunately, reflecting the prejudices which applies to most minorities in society, some such terms have been derogatory.

Ladyboys have in the past, among other things, been called "she-males" or "chicks with dicks", albeit such terms originating from the Trans porn industry. Over the last 40-50 years, as scientists and sociologists have come to understand more about Ladyboys, labels including crossdressers, Transvestites, Transsexual, Trannies, Trans women, T-girls, Transgender women, Trans-pinay have been used. Transgender or Trans women are currently the favored terms, although Ladyboys is the easiest for most to understand and relate to.

Ladyboys can be rich or poor, and from every strata of society

It’s interesting that being a Ladyboy is not confined to belonging to any race or social status, to any profession or related to one’s academic ability. Ladyboys may be car mechanics or factory workers, medical staff or hairdressers. There are no set requirements to be Trans. Some Ladyboys come from rich, city-based families whilst others are poor and from the rural areas.

No matter, but it is now widely accepted that being a Ladyboy is genetic. It cannot be changed with such ridiculous ideas as “conversion therapy” which tries to change one’s sexual and gender orientation through “punishment type” therapy.

Ladyboys come in all shapes and sizes

There are still two issues about which many remain confused when talking about Ladyboys. Firstly, many Ladyboys never have major surgery such as breast or genital surgery. They will take female hormones such as estrogen to enhance their feminine appearance but that’s it. Other Ladyboys do have breast implants and genital reconstructive surgery, wanting to have a working vagina, and be seen as "complete women". To the contrary, some Ladyboys only have breast surgery, and keep their penises. Possibly to use it in sexual activity as a special point of difference from genetic women.

Irrespective of your preferences, we’re pleased to say that My Ladyboy Cupid has a full spectrum of beautiful Thai Ladyboys available and looking to date… so, what’s to stop you signing up as a member now?

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