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When you think of ladyboys, you quickly think of Asia and countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. And that's for a reason, in these countries ladyboys - or TransPinays (which is a commonly used name in the Philippines) are more visible than in the rest of the world. Especially in large cities such as Manila, Cebu and Davao, ladyboys can no longer be ignored from the streets.

However, despite the broad acceptance of ladyboys in the Philippines, local TransPinay can still be difficult to find a serious partner. And many ladyboy are also looking for a foreign man for stability, acceptance and true love. So if you are a Filipino ladyboy looking for a relationship with a foreign man, or if you would like to build a relationship with a Trans-Pinay then a site like myladyboycupid can help you with that. The Filipino ladyboy is known for her feminine appearance and beauty, but also that they are very loyal and value the 'traditional' relationship between man and woman.

Why is My Ladyboy Cupid the best dating site for ladyboys?

If you look at our site you will see that many ladyboys are from the Philippines. These ladyboys are all looking for a serious partner who accepts them and with whom they can build a beautiful and long lasting love relationship. Many Filipino ladyboy members are registered on our site, as are many western men who are looking for Transpinay from the Philippines. This makes MyLadyboyCupid the best ladyboy dating site.

As the name suggests, myladyboycupid focuses on ladyboys and decent men who have only one goal in mind ... to find true love! Whether you are from the Philippines or from another country in Asia, our site offers you an excellent tool to find your one and only true cupid. And if you are a man from Europe, United States or perhaps Australia or another country and you are looking for a beautiful ladyboy from the Philippines, then you have come to the right place. We offer you a fun, safe online dating environment where you can find the partner of your life. Dating Filipino ladyboys and meeting a TransPinay has never been easier and more fun!

Some of our success stories:

Since opening our doors in December 2014, we have had the honor of receiving many success stories. This makes us very proud not only because it proves that our dating site is successful but more that we have helped many ladyboys and trans-attracted men find their true love. Some of the success stories that we received are:

Mica & Kevin - myladyboycupid

Kevin & Mica

Two years after chatting first on your website, Mica and I are now married and living in the UK

United Kingdom
Martin & Donna - myladyboycupid

Timothy Clark

I did propose to her and the big day is up to her to come up with a plan. We will marry soon and be together forever!

United States

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TransPinay, where does this name come from?

The name 'TransPinay' combines the words Transsexual (Trans) and Pinay. Pinay is the local term for a woman (Filipina), be it girls or women, in the Philippines. So there you have it, TransPinay. Ladyboys are indispensable in Filipino daily life. TransPinay has been seen regularly in Filipino TV shows, working in the supermarket, working as a bank manager and will always be part of society. The beauty, feminine appearance and the fact that the English language is their second language makes TransPinay very popular with many Western men.

It is not only convenience, but also success that makes online dating so popular. More and more single ladyboys and men who are seriously looking for relationships choose a dating app or website. Because according to statistics, no less than 1 in 3 marriages start online! So do you want to marry a western man or are you looking for a Filipino ladyboy so far? Take the step and try MyLadyboyCupid today!

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