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Born This Way: Transcending Love Barriers in the Streets of Caloocan

Bringing out the best in someone you care for might be the most sincere thing you can do for your partner. Loving someone is wanting to give the world to that person – ready to take on the obstacles, chasing dreams together, and taking risks.

The best ladyboy dating places in Caloocan

Here at My Ladyboy Cupid, your late night conversations with your Filipino ladyboy will not go to waste. Our website isn’t just a simple avenue where you meet people but it is a stage where you can have deeper connections and eventually have a long lasting relationship with your partner.

Check some of the activities you can do to step up your dating game:


1. Eat where the locals eat and get to see Bonifacio Monument

One of the famous landmarks located at Caloocan is the Bonifacio Monument which depicts the notable battle between Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan patriots against the Spanish conquistadores on August 3, 1896. You’ll get to see this at the Monumento Circle at the northern terminal point of EDSA. While you’re taking a picture, you can treat yourself with the street foods, definitely one of the best things to do in order to experience the Filipino culture. Try out some fish balls, squid balls, mini-hotdogs, cotton candies, and many more. Either way, you get fresh air and some light exercise – plus you’ll get to reconnect with your partner.

2. Visit the Thai to Taoist Temple with your transgender girlfriend

This Thai temple in Caloocan City has been around for more than 100 years – it is sure that the architecture of this place is magnificent and is instagram-worthy. It has been a place of worship for the Chinese and Chinese-Filipino residents of Caloocan. It is safe to say that this ancient building will make you feel closer with the Filipino heritage and to the ladyboy you love.

3. Catch up through a coffee date

Café Poblacion is the place to be and their cheesecake is definitely something you can share with your ladyboy. It really is a good place to have a date since the space is very big and they have a wide variety of foods from breakfast to dinner – they have all of it at their menu! Not only that, you can also request to do something special for your ladyboy and the staff will gladly help you with your plan. A lot of anniversaries and proposals where already done here.

Ladyboy dating ideas in Caloocan

Ladyboy dating at My Ladybou Cupid

It’s never too late to start writing your own fairy tale. Sign up at Ladyboy dating site My Ladyboy Cupid if you haven’t registered yet. You definitely will have the chance to say that you belong with someone. Love can burn souls but it can also heal, so take a risk and a future relationship may already be on the way for YOU. Only YOU can decide what you want to happen.

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