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Falling for Ladyboy dating in Taguig: Keeping the Passion Burning

The reality of life may be different from everyone, especially for transgender people. But one thing almost always remains true: dating can be ruthless. We always see it with our friends, family, relatives, and even our acquaintances. Having relationships will always make you see that disappointments and heartbreaks are a real problem faced by many. And if that’s not enough, these failures constantly remind you that your life is not complete unless your status changes.

Ladyboy dating in Taguig - Philippines

By recognizing this, you might feel self-conscious, but don’t be anxious, My Ladyboy Cupid is here to help you reach your goals in your love life. You just need to register and from your profile, you’ll get to see ladyboys who are also interested to meet you. And to help you in this quest, we’ve prepared some of the hot spots in Taguig where you and your Filipino ladyboy can go to.


1. Romantic ride at Venice Piazza’s gondola

This place is really famous, many people flock here just to take a picture with the Venetian architecture replicated in both interior and exterior of this mall. Going here is as good as seeing a glimpse of Italy. Furthermore, most couples ride a gondola paddled through the canal – it is highly recommended to do it during the night while the dazzling lights lit up. Make sure to bring a pair of locks too for the lovelock bridge as a sign of your love for each other. After that, both of you can go grab a bite at the vast quantity of restaurants available inside the mall.

2. Walk along the streets of Taguig and stopover at Mercato Centrale

One of the good things in Taguig is that the whole place is just like a walking park. Stop lights are everywhere so you are assured of your safety for every street you stop by. And when you get tired from all the walking and talking, it’s time to go to Mercato Centrale located at 7th avenue – it’s an outdoor food park that will surely amaze you with its deli dishes ranging from Italian, Mexican, Western, Japanese, Filipino, and more. Moreover, bazaars are also in the area so you can also buy your ladyboy trendy items.

3. End the night with a whiskey

If you both have interest in trying out Japanese whiskeys, LIT is the place to be. There are several options of finely aged whiskeys originating from all around the world. You either can drink it neat, on the rocks, or highball. It may be a tour for both of you, a safe space where you can talk freely about your relationship and reflect together about your future. After all, a little whiskey may be the push you’re looking for to establish a connection with your ladyboy.

Paddle through the canals of Taguig

All the love in the world

We hope that when you really meet your destiny, you recognize it and have the courage to say YES. Ladyboy dating site My Ladyboy Cupid wishes you all the love in the world.

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