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Antipolo’s Must-See Places with Ladyboy dating

Love is not some random thing that just happens in a blink. Love is a battlefield because sometimes you feel like no matter how much time you wait, it will never be handed to you on a silver platter.

Dating Trans-women in Antipolo City

But hey, we got you here at My Ladyboy Cupid. There are countless of transgender Filipino ladyboys here for you who are also looking for love. This is not just coincidence, you are reading this because you are interested to pursue your compatibility and perhaps a life together with the one you love. Check out some of the awesome places at Antipolo that will up your dating strategy:


1. Relax at Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa

An important attribute of going to spa is to avail wellness-based services that are sure to melt the stress away – and the Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa definitely will not disappoint you! It is an isolated place that offers a stunning view of the lake, forest, and other land terrains. In addition, you will never feel like you want to go back because of the music they provide that gives a sense of serenity, an escape from the busy cities like Manila and Quezon City. This surely is one of the greatest places where you can treat your ladyboy and pamper her with the beauty of nature – plus you can also order foods in the same place after!

2. Instagrammable spots at Pinto Art Museum

If both of you appreciate art you definitely should not miss the opportunity to go visit Pinto Art Museum. The place is full of well-curated artworks by famous Filipino artists and is surrounded by pretty landscapes consisting of thick green bamboos and platforms where you can take as many photos as you want. However, the place is not air-conditioned so prepare to lose some sweat as you roam around. Still perfect for a date!

3. Hike at Mt. Canumay

Haven’t tried hiking before? You’re lucky because Mt. Canumay could be the first mountain you will hike with your Filipino ladyboy. There’s an old wise saying that if you both do something difficult then you will really see the attitude of that person and hiking can be that challenge you want to do with the person you like. The trail is not difficult but it can be steep towards the end and you both can do it within a day – surely a splendid way to shape coordination!

Ladyboy dating tips in Antipolo City

Where to take your Filipino ladyboy

By the end of your trip, may your relationship be stronger. Still, communication is the key for a better relationship so don’t miss a chance to always say your feelings to your partner. Even if your ladyboy dating already knows how you feel, it is still charming if you say it a lot of times. Making that person know you love her is the best feeling.

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