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Thai ladyboys: who are they?

Primarily this article is intended for those who are just becoming familiar with a ladyboy concept and want to get some more information about them. While guys who have been to Thailand several times and had an opportunity to get to know them better don’t need to think much about who the ladyboys are, to […]

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Dating ladyboys in the USA

It’s not a secret that when trans-oriented man wants to find a transsexual girlfriend in the USA he faces many difficulties to arrange a date or even to find a single trans lady in his own country. This is especially true for those who seek for something sincere and long-term. So why it becomes a […]

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Sending money to ladyboys you meet online?

Is it worth sending money to ladyboys? First of all, this matter doesn’t concern exclusively Asian ladyboys. Everyone knows that there are individuals who abuse someone’s trust and generosity also among women and men, in other words, scammers. Apparently most of the people know about the risks of sending money to someone met online, however […]

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