Ladyboys in Philippines

Dating ladyboys in the Philippines

Known as Filipina ladyboys, the Philippines has a very large population of transgender women. They love having fun, being social, and telling jokes. They are very charming, have wonderful personalities, and are vastly loyal! It’s not surprising that foreign gentlemen love dating these wonderful Filipina ladyboys. If you are planning on visiting the Philippines in […]

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Thai Ladyboys

My Ladyboy Cupid now available in Thai

My Ladyboy Cupid just celebrated its third birthday and has undergone many changes and improvements since then. Some of those were just small changes, while other were big improvements. And many of those changes would not have been possible without the feedback of our members. Since its release, MyLadyboyCupid was only available in the English […]

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Ladyboy datingtips: How to date safely

My Ladyboy Cupid Ladyboy dating tips for a safe dating experience Online dating tips Ladyboy dating tips: How to date safely No matter whether you date online or offline My Ladyboy Cupid suggests to follow a few basic safety recommendations to keep your dating experience secure and pleasant. As with any kind of dating, while […]

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How to date with Asian ladyboys

If you like ladyboys from the Philippines or Thailand and you’re interested in dating them, there is something here which might be useful if you want to make the best impression on your first ladyboy date. Treat a ladyboy right First of all, treat her well and with respect. If you are really interested in […]

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Why do Western men choose ladyboys?

If you give a look at any ladyboy dating site, you will literally find there thousands of single men who are interested in meeting, dating or even getting married with ladyboys. Beautiful and extremely feminine Asian ladyboys are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and eventually more and more men begin to seek a […]

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Thai ladyboys: who are they?

Thailand has a large population of Ladyboys and primarily this article is intended for those who are just becoming familiar with a ladyboy concept and want to get some more information about them. While guys who have been to Thailand several times and had an opportunity to get to know them better don’t need to […]

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