If you like ladyboys from the Philippines or Thailand and you're interested in dating them, there is something here that might be useful if you want to make the best impression on your first ladyboy date.

Treat a ladyboy right

First of all, treat her well and with respect. If you are really interested in her, then let her know about your feelings. Be kind and courteous, just do all the same as if you wanted to charm a transgender woman.

Dress well for a ladyboy

Make sure that you look your best on the date with a ladyboy! Usually, Filipina and Thai ladyboys are aware of all new fashion trends that's why it is better if you carefully choose your outfit. Still, a good choice will be if you wear something casual and comfortable. Wearing new designer jeans or shoes you will certainly impress a ladyboy. However, you should drop any loud and flashy shirts – that most likely will scare her off than attract her.

Ask a ladyboy about her preferences

Bring your ladyboy date to a place where she would feel comfortable and accepted. Usually, Filipina ladyboys know where to go if you want to have fun, that's why better let her decide where you will have a date.

Keep a good conversation with a ladyboy

Think about decent topics if you want to have a good conversation with a transgender woman. Believe me, it will not present you in a positive light if you ask her why she became a ladyboy or how many surgeries did she have. Better ask her about her interests or what does inspire her, that way you will show her that you're interested in her personality. In other words, anything you say or ask, avoid questions about her identity and sexuality. Otherwise, you might seem making research about trans-woman in general.

Don't be stingy

Be generous with her. Make her feel important, and show how much she means to you – she really deserves that! Asian ladyboys usually have a long way to a wealthy life which is a rare thing in the Philippines. In fact, all your charm would fade if you will be obviously counting every single penny spent on dinner with a ladyboy. For this reason, give her a date that will make her feel appreciated.

Show your appreciation

Never put yourself above your ladyboy girlfriend. No matter how much you have achieved in your life, don't leave her feeling that she is less than you. Show your appreciation for her abilities so she will believe that you're really interested in her and you would be proud of getting in a relationship with her. Don't show your achievements in the way which would make her feel humiliated. On the other way around, support her ambitions and show that she can achieve anything she is seeking to.

Just be yourself

Always be sincere and always be yourself with her. Don't try to impress a ladyboy with some fake personality whom you are not. She will appreciate your honesty and being natural.
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