Is there anyone who doesn’t know about MyLadyboyCupid and the advantages of joining a Ladyboydating site? Well, we suspect there might still be some people who don’t know. In any event, we thought we’d do a summary of the comments we have received from our clients over the years. We find that many of the comments are repeat comments more than once but we have only the testimonial one time…

“MyLadyboyCupid is one of the leading, most visible Trans dating sites on the internet. They seem to have a lot of new members every day, some really beautiful T-girls from Thailand and The Philippines.”

Ray from Birmingham, UK

“The site is quick and easy to join and I enrolled in minutes. With an hour I had sent my first message to a Trans-pinay in The Philippines.”

Don from Gothenburg, Sweden

“I was to set up my profile very quickly. Then I decided to change some of my photos which was easy to do. The site has a strict policy on photographs—no nudity or revealing poses. I think this is good to keep up standards.”

Ku Chan from Singapore

“The Admin team is very helpful and helped me when I wanted to renew my membership. They also responded quickly when I wanted to check some terms about using my personal information.”

Mikey from New York

Online dating sites for Ladyboys perform a vital service

“I saved so much time. Instead of messing around for weeks looking for a Ladyboy in my home city, I went online and within an hour had found a least five Trans women from Thailand and Vietnam who appealed. Over the course of the next few weeks, we chatted and flirted and got to know each other well. All without moving from behind my computer keyboard!”

Richard from Lyon

“The men on the site mostly seem to be genuine. Every man I met on the site was looking for a long-term relationship with a T-girl. This take away the hassles of people looking for short-term liaisons when it’s not what most Trans women are interested in.”

Julie from Manila

“One really big advantage of a dating site such as MyLadyboyCupid is that everyone knows the basic status of the person they are talking to. What I mean is that men know they are talking with Ladyboys and vice versa. No mistakes or misunderstandings.”

Kerry from Melbourne

Ladyboys enjoy the security of specialized online dating sites

“It seems that with increased awareness and visibility of Trans people, more haters have come to the surface. So, security is one of the main issues for Ladyboys. I know most online dating sites do their best to verify the legitimacy members and I think this is a great idea.”

Rosie from Hanoi

“I’ve never tried it but I believe you can block members if you no longer wish to receive messages from them, or don’t want to talk to them anymore. There again, I have found most members of the site are well behaved and polite.”

Lisa, Makati, Manila

“You can send private messages or emoticons to someone you really like in Thailand or The Philippines. And then find out when to see or read your message. It’s also possible to send “gifts” to a member who you particularly like.”

Ulrich, Wiesbaden, Germany

“I must say that the Ladyboys on the site seem to be real, no fake profiles. I also noticed that many are well educated with Bachelor’s degrees or higher. I read up on this and found that many Transgender women overachieve academically to help them overcome prejudices and stereotyping.”

James, Dallas, Texas, USA

“With all of the Ladyboys I communicated with, I asked the same questions. I encouraged them to ask me questions too. After all, if we are both looking for a long-term relationship, we need to be sure we are as compatible as possible. We talked about careers and hobbies, likes and dislikes and so on.”

Vernon, Sydney

“To me, getting to know some of the Trans women on the site was really refreshing. I learned so much about Trans issues and the struggles and discrimination many T-girls face.There seems to be no reason for this and I wonder why the general public has such a bad attitude. Now that Patti (a Ladyboy from Thailand) is my wife, we are going to work together to advocate for greater Trans rights.”

Phil, London

“You have to be quick to make contact with one of the new Ladyboy beauties whose profile appears on MyLadyboyCupid. Some T-girls get into a dating situation with men within a day or so of uploading their profile. I was initially surprised at just how many men there are chasing and looking to date Trans women!”

Roland from Vienna, Austria

“Without the ladyboy dating site MyLadyboyCupid I’d be stuck at home, lonely and unhappy. I met some really interesting men on the site, and from all over the world. I am originally from Chiang Rai but am now living in Bangkok with a sincere man I met on the site. It’s just over 4 years now and I couldn’t be happier!”

Rita, Chiang Rai


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