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Would a straight men date a Ladyboy?

If you look through a typical cross-section of the male members on MyLadyboyCupid, you will see a wide variety of profiles.

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There are relatively old men and relatively young men. Men who have never married and divorcees; some with children, some without. There are men who have dated Ladyboys or Trans women before and others who are quite new to the Trans dating scene.

But one of the most interesting parts of many profiles is the sexual orientation or preferences listed by male members of this famous Ladyboy dating site. Probably the vast majority of men looking for a Ladyboy beauty to date will describe themselves as “straight”. Some admit to being “bi”, with a very, very small percentage considering themselves as “gay”.

The sexuality of Ladyboys and the men who love them are complicated

The whole matter of sexuality and gender is complicated when talking about Ladyboys and men who love them. Perhaps the first thing to make clear is that gender is not the same sexuality and vice versa. Simple enough, right? But you’d be very surprised at just how many people confuse the issues, deliberately or otherwise.

Sexual orientation and preferences deal with who we sleep with, make love with, have sex with… whatever you wish to call it. A gay man wishes to have sex with only men, a lesbian with only women and a bisexual man doesn’t mind if he sleeps with a male or female. A male to female Transgender person (say a Ladyboy), however, if identifying as female will probably choose to make love with a man as she is by gender a woman. But she may also still like women after completing her transition to female.

Gender, on the other hand, refers to the gender we identify as, either male or female. In more modern times, it is apparent to more of society that there are people who are a mixture of genders. Sometimes such people are called the “third gender” or more commonly Ladyboys or Trans-pinay. In fact, some other people are gender fluid, ie can be male or female according to particular circumstances.

Ladyboys are essentially women, albeit with a "difference"

Most men looking to date Ladyboys acknowledge that Trans women are, to all intents and purposes, women. Accordingly, when they are dating and making love with a Ladyboy they see themselves in a hetero type relationship: male and female. Of course, as mentioned above there can be a variety of permutations involved, not least from the side of the Transgender woman’s status.

Before we look further at the sexuality of a man in a relationship, let’s consider further the sexuality of Ladyboys. No one type fits all. Some Ladyboys prefer sex with men and others are comfortable making love with men or women. Why? Well, there are, if you like, different shades of being Transgender. On one hand some Trans women absolutely hate the penises they were born with. They simply cannot wait for the day they have it removed and a new vagina created. Having said this, some never have their “extra appendage” removed for financial or spiritual reasons but refuse to use it for any sexual activity. You can say that such Ladyboys are heterosexual women and confine themselves to making love as a female.

The sexuality of a Ladyboy can vary from person to person

On the other hand, we have some Ladyboys who do not detest their penises and are content to use it during sexual liaisons. That it, if they can, as years of hormone usage can often leave a penis flaccid and unusable in sexual fun and games. These Ladyboys still identify their gender as female but their sexuality may be bisexual. They can take the role of a female in daily life and lovemaking, only to sometimes use their male organs to satisfy themselves or their partners. Confused? Don’t be…. because a woman with a usable penis is not as rare as you might think!

If we now turn to those men who date Ladyboys… as mentioned earlier, most men who do date Ladyboys consider themselves straight irrespective of whether their girlfriend has a penis or not. They are more concerned with the beauty, characters and personalities of the Trans women they are in a loving relationship with rather thinking what is in their panties.

However, there are other men who admit that they enjoy the varied sex life being with a Ladyboy can bring. If a Ladyboy has a working penis then this organ may be part of sexual activities both for pleasuring the man and also his Trans woman. It really has to be up to the couple involved to find out what works best for them. Some men enjoy anal sex (as a giver and or a receiver), some don’t. Similarly, some Ladyboys, whether their penis is functional and part of the sex act or not, enjoy being penetrated anally, and some don’t. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility for a post-op Ladyboy with her very own vagina to enjoy anal sex. After all, genetic women can enjoy such sex, so why not a Trans woman?

At the end of the day, sexual attraction covers a very wide spectrum and what turns of some peoples leaves others cold. But, by and large, most of the men attracted to one of the T-girl beauties members on MyLadyboyCupid will consider themselves straight.

Now all we have to do is find a definition about what does “straight” really mean!

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