I’d only just logged into MyLadyboyCupid when my message inbox “pinged”. There were five messages, but the one I was looking for was the last one. It was from Norman, a man from Marseille with whom I’d been exchanging messages for the last two weeks.

I’m a 27-year-old Ladyboy, now living in Paris, but originally from the south of France. The Trans scene is so much more vibrant and open in Paris as you would probably expect. Yet, I still hope to be able to go back south after I have worked here in Paris for 2 or 3 years. I miss the beautiful Mediterranean coastline and the better, warmer weather.

As I said, Norman had first contacted me a couple of weeks back. He knew some of the smaller towns and villages in the south which I grew up in, so I guess there was an immediate connection. He also knew the basics about being Transgender and how difficult it is being a Ladyboy in a smaller town. That is, at least until you have completed your transition and can pass as an everyday woman. Oh.., and also completed your education and, hopefully, got the right sort of degree. Nowadays this means that you can work from anywhere and don’t necessarily need to go to an office every day. This type of degree is something I already have!

Ladyboys are happy to share most details of their lives

Norman and I have shared a lot about our lives with each other. I think there may be a good basis for a relationship between us and am hoping he feels the same. Last time Norman messaged me he asked if it was okay to ask me four or five questions about things we haven’t touched on yet. “No problem,” I had replied. “As long as I can ask you four or five questions in return!”

I quickly opened his message, which was headed: “To my favorite Ladyboy”. It read:

His questions follow. I must say some of them are very typical questions which many men like to ask Transgender women. Some are a little bit personal but I don’t mind to answer them if I think the friendship we have may develop into a relationship. But, always remember Ladyboys have feelings too, just like any genetic woman!

Norman’s questions:

  1. When did you realize that you are different to others assigned male at birth?

I knew I was different from when I was as young as 4 or 5. Hard to believe I knew, but I always liked to play dress-up as a girl. I’d use a towel for my skirt and put a cloth on my head to imitate long hair. I only really wanted to play with the girls and their toys and never liked the “rough and tumble” games boys played. Being Trans is born with you; it can’t be changed or beaten out of you!

  • How did you know you were a Ladyboy?

You just know. By the time I was 9 or 10, my parents were convinced it was not a phase. I’d dress-up as a girl when I came home from school and at weekends. I’d wear a dress or skirt and top every day. Luckily for me, my parents were understanding and let me grow my hair long. They also took me to see a qualified doctor who agreed that I could go on “puberty blockers”. These gave me time to contemplate any permanent changes before taking hormones.

  • Why did you join MyLadyboyCupid when there must so many men looking to find a Trans woman in Paris?

It’s hard to find a sincere, genuine man in the noisy, crowded atmosphere of most bar and clubs. I like to get to know someone well enough first before meeting. Dating sites give you that option.

  • What are some of the key differences between Ladyboys and genetic women?

Very few, except we can’t have our own babies!

  • I know this might be a bit personal, but have you had all of the gender affirmation operations?

Yes, and my vagina is fully functional

To be continued


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