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“You really should join a ladyboy dating website,” said Maria to her Ladyboy friend Cally, as Cally dabbed her tearful eyes.

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“There are lots of male members looking for Ladyboys from Quezon City and other cities in The Philippines.”

“What’s up?” asked Ermelda, as she sat down in the hotel lobby next the two other Trans women. “What’s upset you, Cally?”

Meet Ladyboys in Quezon City

Quezon City is one of the most populated cities in The Philippines and home to thousands of the famous Filipino Ladyboys, or Trans-pinay as they tend to be known locally. It is located around 8-9km north east of the capital Manila and has a population of some 3 million people. There are many government offices and facilities in Quezon city, as originally it was planned as a replacement capital for Manila.

Just like Manila, Quezon city has a high percentage of Ladyboys, working in all sorts of professions, including the famous cabaret shows. Ladyboy beauty pageants abound and there are several well-known annual city wide competitions for these Trans women. Some lead to the chance for the contestant to go on and join a nationwide Ladyboy beauty contest.

Dating Ladyboys from The Philippines

Trans-pinay from The Philippines are known throughout Asia and the world for their beauty, femininity and grace. Ladyboys from Quezon City are amongst the most well-known in the country and many travel into Manila for work and leisure.

Ladyboys in The Philippines occupy a quite unique situation in this conservative, staunchly religious country of over 100 million people. The outdated dogma of the Catholic church dominates many facets of Filipino life. The church preaches homophobia and has strict guidelines on pre-marriage sex, family planning and the like. Yet Ladyboys, being in the views of some, between two genders are generally tolerated although not completely accepted. As a result, Ladyboys can be seen in everyday life, working in shops and offices, even occupying some governmental positions. Many Ladyboys, though, have no choice but to find work in the “entertainment” industry. Unfortunately, prejudices still exist in terms of some careers open to them, as well as for career progression.

Ladyboys find it hard to find and date genuine men

“She has been let down by a man she met last week on a training course,” explained Maria as she put her arms around Cally and gave her a hug. "He said he really liked her and they planned to go for a romantic dinner in one of the new, popular fusion restaurants in Quezon City.”

“Oh…, poor Cally, I’m sorry to hear that. Tell me more about what happened” Ermelda said. She called a waiter over and asked for a menu. “Let me buy you both another coffee and then you can tell me everything.”

Cally used a tissue to dry her eyes. “Well everything was going quite nicely. I met Robert on a legal training course being held by the local government in Quezon City. He was so charming and very handsome. We’ve been talking on WhatsApp over the last week and he invited me to that new restaurant where many celebrities dine, close to Quezon City centre.”

“Sounds great,” said Ermelda, taking coffees from the waiter. She passed a cup each to Cally and Maria. “Did you tell him you are a Ladyboy?” she asked.

Cally looked as if she was going to cry again. “Yes, but that’s the problem. He said he didn’t know I am a Trans-pinay. Claims his family won’t be happy and approve if he is dating a Ladyboy. So, he cancelled meeting up.” She dabbed her eyes. “I’m so upset. It always happens to me…”

TS Dating on My Ladyboy Cupid

“That’s why I was telling you to join the ladyboy dating site MyLadyboyCupid,” Maria interrupted. “It’s the ideal place for TS dating. In fact, dating online has so many advantages. Not least that all the men on the site you know that you are a Ladyboy before they approach you. No more misunderstandings or false starts.”

“I totally agree with Marie,” said Ermelda. “You can chat with as many men as you like before you meet any of them. And believe me, you will get a lot of men contacting you once you post your profile. You’re so beautiful. You look just like a genetic woman.”

“I spent a few weeks talking to about 5 or 6 men on the site before I met any one of them. I asked about their likes and dislikes, why they liked Ladyboys and so on. In fact, I asked all sorts of questions. Plus, I encouraged them to ask me what they need to know about being Trans-pinay so that we could work out if we were likely to be compatible before we met,” Marie added.

“But best of all…,” began Ermelda again, “you can “date” from the comfort of your home, from behind the keyboard of your i-pad. No more messing around going to bars and night clubs. Saves so much time. And you can use all the time you save going to some of the parks or museums or galleries in Quezon City.”

“With a genuine man by your side,” Maria concluded.

Cally finally smiled. “Okay, so where and how do I sign up the ladyboy dating site My Ladyboy Cupid? And can we make a “six-some” and go to that great Mexican restaurant just on the outskirts in Quezon City once I find and man who’s right for me?”

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