Ladyboys and foreign men. Foreign men and Ladyboys. You could probably write several books on the subject. The relationships between foreign men visiting Asian countries such as Thailand and The Philippines is one of the most compelling stories of the last 30-40 years.

When foreign tourists first came across Trans women in these countries in the 1980s as the tourist boom began to accelerate, little was known in western countries such as the US or UK, or Holland about these beautiful “creatures”. Indeed, the name Ladyboy only evolved as tourism numbers grew and local people searched for a label to easily describe to unbelieving foreigners that these were real women. Who just happened to behave born with certain male characteristics.

Ladyboys gain an international reputation

Over time, as foreigners returned to their home countries and told friends and colleagues about these amazing Ladyboys, their fame and popularity grew. Then, some 15 years ago certain well-known Ladyboy cabaret shows from, say, Phuket or Pattaya, starting touring the world, putting on shows in Europe and elsewhere. The reception was amazing with shows being packed out.

Add in social media which really started to come in prominence 6/7 years ago and awareness about and interest in Ladyboys continued to escalate. Naturally, more and more foreign men were becoming interested in Ladyboys, hoping to meet and date some of these Trans beauties.

Specialized Ladyboy dating sites

Enter specialized Ladyboy dating sites. Although some of these sites were established almost ten years ago, they were very much niche players in the overall dating market. That is until the “Trans interest” boom propelled by social and mainstream media such as TV, films, and print media. Things change dramatically, both for the dating sites and also, importantly, for men who longed to meet and date Ladyboys but weren’t quite sure how to go about it. The numbers of members increased dramatically, foreign men joining in droves – and Ladyboys and Trans-Pinay also joining in huge numbers Of course, one of the big advantages for the Trans women being that most dating sites are free to join.

Back to the key question: why do foreign men like Ladyboys so much?

Well, there are a variety of answers:

  • A high percentage of these Trans women are seriously beautiful. Amazing facial bone structures, slim or svelte figures, and, if we are honest, downright sexy! Which foreign man wouldn’t be happy to have a Thai Ladyboy or Trans-Pinay beauty from The Philippines by his side as his long-term companion?
  • Many of these Trans women are very driven, having overcome a number of challenges to get where they are today. Ladyboys have had to survive prejudices and discrimination in order to be the person they were meant to be. A combination of the Asian allure and femininity and this inner toughness is very appealing to many foreign men;
  • As part of the above, it’s quite well-known that often Ladyboys have above average academic performance with many achieving Bachelor’s degrees or higher. Sometimes this has been due to the wish to be seen to be better than others or, not infrequently in, say, The Philippines for the Ladyboy to do a “deal” with their parents or family: Let me be the person I want to be, and I will not let you down academically. A good education being of major importance to many Asian families;
  • Foreign men know from experience that Ladyboys have a better understanding of the male psyche than genetic women. It might be as they will have probably spent part of their early lives presenting as male. Or it might be that part of their brain still has some male thought processes. Or that testosterone is still being naturally produced by their bodies and, so, there is a better understanding of men. No matter the reason, there seems to be a natural empathy between Ladyboys and foreign men.

Of course, this will extend to the bedroom. Most Ladyboys and Trans women have an innate sense of what men like sexually. In short, they know how to make them fulfilled in this regard!

  • related to the last point is the fact that foreign men have a greater variety of sexual options. All, of course, depending on the transition status and likes and dislikes of the Trans woman, but there are some permutations that genetic women cannot offer! At the end of the day, this point of difference is one of the key attractions to foreign men.

There are plenty of more reasons to add and you can make your own list if you want… But we think we’ve got the key ones covered here!


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