Transgender women who list on their profile on the popular dating site My Ladyboy Cupid have a lot to thank Ladyboys, the "Third-Gender", for. Thanks to the help of world-renowned Ladyboys from Thailand and from The Philippines, awareness about Trans women has increased many fold over recent years. Accordingly, demand from foreign to date Trans women has also increased dramatically.

Recognition of Ladyboys

When 'the Third Gender' Ladyboys first began to be recognized outside of Asia some 30-35 years ago, no-one could have expected that their fame would go global. Of course, back then, the internet was in its infancy and few people knew about Transgender women or Ladyboys. If they did, they usually misunderstood or had misconceptions about what is really means to be Trans.

Nowadays, with social media bringing "instant this" and "instant that", Trans awareness and knowledge about dating Ladyboys continues to increase almost day by day.

But some things never change. And if you ask a foreign man what comes to mind when he thinks about Ladyboys the answer is probably still the same as it was all those years ago.

It's a fair assumption to say that any man will think: tall, slim beautiful Asian woman. Probably with long dark hair and a figure to die for. But just one main thing makes her different from genetic women. She may have been born with an extra body part!

Dating Ladyboys has a big growth sector in online dating

Yet, given the huge increase in men using ladyboy dating sites such as My Ladyboy Cupid, this difference of an extra body part is clearly attractive and of great interest. Nowadays you can see Ladyboys in mainstream TV shows, films and magazines, as well as in the more traditional cabaret shows or Thai beauty pageants or shows. So, maybe it's not too surprising that so many foreign men long to be with and date such beautiful Trans women.

Whilst the interest and desire to meet a stunning Thai Ladyboy or Trans-pinay from The Philippines is real, for many men living in Germany or the UK, they may not know how to get started. Discretion for many is still important as western societies tend to be less tolerant than those in Asia towards Transgender women. Fortunately, specialized Ladyboy dating sites have solved the dilemma for many foreign men.

And it's not only Ladyboys from The Philippines or Thailand men are looking to date. You'll find T-girls in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, as well as in Vietnam and China. Their visibility may not be a great owing to religious or political issues but Trans women are certainly there. They also may be referred to using different terms but T-girls or Ladyboys are very much part of Asian society, no matter which country you look at.

The term "Ladyboy(s)" embraces different types of Trans women

Each Asian country has its own name for Trans women. You have "Wariah" in Indonesia, "Tong-zhi" in China and so on. Many such names are technically incorrect when being used to describe Transgender women, and some have an association with being gay, such as "Bakla" in The Philippines.

Even though Thailand has the word "Kathoey" foe Trans women, over time the word Ladyboy started to be used by many foreigners. Ladyboys became popular as tourists were captivated by the beautiful performers in the famous ladyboy cabaret shows who appeared to be neither male or female. Neither a fully-fledged "Lady" or a "Boy" but a combination of both: namely a "Ladyboy". Trans women seemed happy enough to have this word used and eventually, it became synonymous with Transgender women throughout Asia.

To stereotype Ladyboys is incorrect

Whilst Ladyboys is a generic term for Trans women, the reality is that Ladyboys are all different.

For example, they are not all the same in terms of their education levels or the jobs they do. Not all Ladyboys are cabaret shows performers or work in a bar or nightclub. Many have good academic qualifications, including Master's degrees, or have their own businesses, appear on TV or run for political positions in the government.

Possibly more importantly, Ladyboys are quite different in terms of their transition to being "fully female" and, indeed, their sexuality.

Ladyboys and dating on My Ladyboy Cupid

When it comes to transition or gender confirmation, some Ladyboys may have had breast implants but retained their (working) penises. Others have had breast surgery, some facial feminization work, as well as genital reconstruction surgery and have working vaginas. It is then almost impossible to distinguish between a Ladyboy and a genetic woman!

Finally, the sexuality of Ladyboys. Some of these Trans women prefer only men as their sex partners, whilst others are comfortable with men or women. Actually, some Ladyboys still prefer only women too. So, in reality, there are Ladyboys with different facets of character, surgery status and sexual needs!

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