If you're looking for experience, girlfriend or a lifetime partner – no matter what your aim is – perhaps you will need some dating tips. There are some things that you should keep in mind to increase your chances of success or to avoid waste of time.

In case you signed up to our ladyboy dating site – My Ladyboy Cupid, the first with what it takes to start is your profile picture if you've uploaded it of course. Without photo you risk to remain with no interest from ladyboys. Nothing to be worried about and to stay in shadow for the privacy – all guys on the website are there for the same reason as you.

Ladyboy dating tips

Being foreigner as a representative of more progressive western culture and having an appearance corresponding to all canons of beauty in Asia (white skin, tall, more masculine figure) you have all chances to attract ladyboys. Even if you have average characteristics among western men, certainly the ladyboys will demonstrate an interest to you.

However, sometime just a trivial mistake can reduce all your efforts for nothing, because dating involves not only flirting skills, seduction and flattery, but also knowing of cultural aspects. Ladyboys normally tend to have doubts about men due to a bad experience or prevailing stereotypes, in short words man that only looking for a ladyboy for sex and pleasure.

Dating a ladyboy!

First of all, let's consider that dating a ladyboy or dating a transgender woman is the same as dating anybody else. She would definitely appreciate if you treat her as a real girl and wouldn't be overly fixated on her transness.
When you're on the dating site at first it seems that the choice is so great that you never know where to stop, thus you can miss the lady of your dreams. That's why if you found a girl that you really like try to be consistent and focus attention on her thereby you will interest her even more and show your serious intentions. Remember that most of ladyboys are jealous so be with them fair and honest.

succeed at Ladyboy dating

If you don't feel like a great seducer there is no reason to despair and to pretend to be someone you are not actually. Just the opposite, you have to learn to be yourself if only carefully concealing some of the weaknesses and shortcomings of your personality. In case you're a little shy just tell about that directly. Some girls would appreciate that because not all of them prefer talkative extrovert men that tend to flirt with everyone around and eventually cheat on them.

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After all of the above, ladyboy dating is interesting, exciting and entertaining! Asian ladyboys are very sociable and “easy going”, they prefer to make first step towards you showing their interest and tend to have an uninhibited character. If you want to succeed dating them just practice your knowledge, be ingenious and avoid to impose some of your beliefs or preconceptions in conversation. And don't forget about positive attitude in your search!


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