Probably any man from the Western countries who is looking for love among Asian ladyboys wonder this question. Is it all about money or there is something more – something real and genuine? If everything was explained only by the presence of money in your wallet then there would not be this article. Surely we don't generalize all the girls at once. Certainly there are paid girls which are not a problem to find also in your country, and there are ladyboys ready to start a family and a strong relationship. Let's examine the matter closer.

Why do Philippine Ladyboys choose foreigners

Have you ever wondered why do we like Asian women? Maybe because of their different looks, style, manner of behavior and many other reasons that make them such attractively exotic into our eyes. For the same reason Western men arouse such interest in ladyboys. The foreigners usually are in the spotlight for their lighter skin, larger height and more masculine appearance. In other words, everything which is rare normally has a bigger value.

Foreign men can offer stability in all senses

Next reason for which ladyboys prefer men from USA and Europe is that they can be more sure about the future. The girls believe that only men of Western culture can give a true love and a real commitment to them. As for local Philippine men, in this case the number of them who would like to have a serious relationship with trans women is much lower in comparison with the number of western men. The fact is that the population of Philippines has quite stable religious views and principally a conservative attitude to the institution of family and marriage dominates in the society. That's why not everybody is ready to deal with a hostile relatives who refuses to accept a ladyboy girlfriend or moreover, to anger God! And even if a local guy will call the ladyboy for date all the costs for drinks and dinner in restaurant are likely to be borne by the girl.

For this reason, ladyboys prefer more open-minded western guys who more likely would be willing to introduce them for their family and friends, and who are more ready for engagement with such a special girl.

Basically most of the women look for a partner to live with safely as behind a stone wall. Filipino ladyboys make their choice on the same criteria and again making it in favor of foreigners since they can ensure a financial stability and confidence in relationship. You ask why? Just because the Republic of Philippines is a country with not enough developed economy to provide prosperity to all people and that's why there is a significant difference between the layers of the population. There are representatives of all social layers among transgender girls – not all them poor. As for ladyboys who are from wealthy families or succeeded in a career, they also want meet a decent man who would be independent from them.

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