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Turn Things Around with the Magic of Cebu

Dating is giving priority to have time with your partner so that you have the chance to create more intimacy between the two of you. With long distance relationship, this is all the more emphasize when you get the chance to finally have the time to meet your Filipino ladyboy.

A Filipino ladyboy is just like any other woman you meet, they crave to be appreciated and this can be best shown when you have the ability to make her see that you can make the impossible happen. This is why the feeling of magic should always be there. Don’t worry; we’ve prepared activities that you can do at Cebu to keep your relationship resilient with your transgender partner. It is important to consider the meaning of fun to your partner. Some of the questions you should ask are: What excites them? Is it okay for the person you like to act silly? Does she want to engage in adventurous activities or does she want to stay in quiet places?

The best ladyboy dating places in Cebu

And while we’re on the topic, we would like to give you a few winner tips that will surely help on your first face-to-face date in Manila (we told you we take your love affair seriously, so buckle up, here we go):


1. Show your braveness by spelunking at Igotan Cave in Talisay

Remember the Igotan Cave is not for the claustrophobic! There are no available lights inside the cave so you can bring your own flashlights to navigate inside. Don’t worry; there will be a tour guide to lead you on the right path. This activity is exciting because the darkness may increase the intimacy between the two of you and it will really look hot if you get to successfully crawl and walk through the cave while leading your ladyboy. Way to look like a knight in shining armor! Sometimes even if your partner is already capable, preparing an activity that she can be a damsel-in-distress is also a good thing.

2. Take a skydive or skywalk with your ladyboy girlfriend

While using My Ladyboy Cupid, it may feel like you’ve known each other already, but by meeting up for brunch, you will get to know more about the person you like. It may be nerve-wracking to date but we promise you, it will be a phenomenal experience. However, dating has also possible setbacks. Meeting someone enables you to decide whether you really like a person. Food can make or break one’s dating game. It is a universal truth. But fret not, choosing the right place can turn things around. You can head to Le Petit Souffle located at the Mega Fashion Hall to set a whimsical nature romantic place or you can visit La Spezia – there’s really nothing more romantic than Italian food.

Skydiving in Cebu is one of the rising activities, specifically located in Bantayan Island. Most people have not engaged in this activity, therefore doing something as extreme as this may help you build memories of your first activities together. There’s just really something memorable when doing something that you both haven’t done in your lives – it is really a romantic way of saying that you want your partner and you want to do all things with her. Choose skydiving and feel the rush after throwing yourself off the plane.

However, if you like to stay together while doing the activity, take the Sky Walk Extreme instead. You can hold hands together while walking around translucent glass flooring on the edge and you both get to see the whole view of Cebu city.

3. You can skip the beaches, but you can never forget to try lechon!

Cebu is the lechon capital of the Philippines, so there’s really no way you shouldn’t stop to try the best dish in the city of your ladyboy. Rico’s Lechon is highly recommended for its high-quality crispy skin and the fusion of garlic and leeks that are savored inside the meat. It really is the best out there. There are also other Filipino dishes available, so don’t forget to try it out.

Ladyboy dating ideas in Cebu

Make your ladyboy partner feel like nothing matters

But the best advice I can give you is to make your ladyboy partner feel like nothing matters just as long as you’re together. You are there to show that you are the right person – a best friend, soul mate, the one your partner can tell her dreams. Keep in mind, true love isn’t found, it is built – and we take care of that here at My Ladyboy Cupid. We really hope Cebu gives you the magical feeling both of you desires.

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