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Many Filipina ladyboys look for love abroad

While browsing singles on ladyboy dating sites you may noticed that most of the ladyboys are trans ladies from the Philippines, which brings a question: why so many Filipina ladyboys look for love among foreign men?

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Is it all about money or is there still something genuine and sincere behind their intentions? Look, it would be nothing to write in this article, if they were just motivated by the desire of money. Certainly there are some girls who don't mind taking money for some sort of service, however here we talk about sincere and decent ladyboys that look for a true love and life-time partner.

Foreign men are particularly popular among Asian ladyboys

Have you ever thought why do you like Asian girls? Because they're so feminine and they attract by their naturally elegant beauty, right? In other words, in the eyes of Western men they are so different from the girls that live in their countries. Exactly for the same reason Filipina ladyboys prefer foreign men: they usually look more masculine, tall and white. These are probably the most visible qualities making Western guys different from the local Filipinos, thereby also making them so popular among Filipina ladyboys.

Foreign men give committed relationships to ladyboys

Basically this is the main reason for the ladyboys who are not just interested in money. In fact, Filipino men are not much keen to get in serious relationships with ladyboys, and they've got plenty of reasons for that. Even though, local men might also dream about trans girlfriend no less than western guys, the fear of disappointing their conservative parents takes over. Since the Philippines is a Roman Catholic country, its society keeps strong religious beliefs and conservative views on family and relationships. That's why, any man who would introduce a ladyboy girlfriend to their parents most likely would face disapproval and criticism by the family and society. As strong believers, Filipino men might also feel some sort of guilt in front of God.

In contrast to them, Western men look more open-minded and ready to give a real and sincere relationships to the ladyboys. Dating with foreign men ladyboys have more chances to get into long-term and committed relationships and to be introduced to their family and friends.

Foreign men can bring a confidence in the future

This reason has nothing to do with the desire of luxury. Filipina ladyboys live in the society where people live day by day not being sure what tomorrow will bring, while Western men have completely different mentality tending to plan 30 years ahead. Of course, ladyboys prefer to find a foreign partner who could give them a financial security and a confidence in the future. Certainly, not all ladyboys are poor, many of them have a decent job or come from a wealthy family. And even these girls seek for a foreign man to date!

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