Meeting a new person, when a relationship is just at the initial stage of development usually to know each other better we ask questions sort of “What's your favorite movie?” or “Do you have any hobby?” Any intimate questions when two persons just start dating may entail some kind of embarrassment and misunderstood or, in other words, may spoil the overall impression about the person who makes such questions. And when is this appropriate time to ask about something personal and does this moment exist at all?

Basically, if you're intending to date a ladyboy or transgender girl, the clarity about preferable role in bed of both partners and pre/post operative status of trans woman may significantly impact on the future relationship. For someone it would seem strange or unnecessary to discuss and definitely it's not a topic for first chat or meeting. However, at a certain point there comes a time to clarify such a delicate matter. For trans women such questions are mostly too personal and sensitive to ask directly. And truth be told, there is not precisely defined time for this discussion – in such case you must follow your intuition, and certainly it should be mutual chemistry between two people.

On the other hand, imagine such situation: you're interested to meet a ladyboy who isn't planning to undergo a gender reassignment surgery, then you start chatting with a nice girl, you both have a lot in common and seems everything works great. But eventually after few weeks or months of communication you suddenly discover that she is post-op transgender. Of course, for some couples who are genuinely and deeply in love it would not make any difference, while for others whose relationship didn't switch yet to the stage of the deep affection it would bring to the split.

Advantages of online ladyboy dating

That is why, our ladyboy dating site MyLadyboyCupid offers an option to indicate in profile a sexual role for men and ladyboys, and pre/post/non-op status for ladyboys. It brings a certain clarity that saves time and efforts for our members which improves also their dating experience.

At the same time, it must be mentioned that some trans girls indicating non-op type in their profiles may also mean that they didn't have any surgical intervention yet, while it might be in their plans for one reason or another. Although we can meet a lot of other girls which are mostly in pre-op condition, but that also doesn't mean that they will do it in fact one day.

Well, intimacy and sex are one of the most important and fundamental parts in the relationship, it might impact and determine how long and strong this relationship will be. However, the quality of any relationship depends on readiness and ability of both partners to listen and understand each other. And we hope that the profile features which were discussed in this article may help My Ladyboy Cupid's members to find their real second halves!


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