My name is Pim and I am a Ladyboy from Thailand. I hope you have been following my story on MyLadyboyCupid. I am just joining that dating site and writing a summary of my life story to help me write my profile for dating.

In the first part I told you about winning a Ladyboy beauty pageant when I was nearly 10. Apart from winning, I was so happy as, at the pageant, I met others like me. I came to understand that I was not alone and there were plenty of other young Transgender women in my town. In fact, there were 12 other T-girls in the competition and I later learned that three of them lived not too far from my home.

I became firm friends with Ploy and Nok who were just about two years older than me. The third Trans girl called Nui was 17 and already living full time as a female. Ploy and Nok encouraged me to be myself and helped me with clothes and make-up. We used to spend all of our spare time dressing up and practicing walking and talking like young women. Nui would, occasionally, meet up with us and, as she was already working, bring us new clothes and cosmetics.

Realising I was a T-girl for sure

By the time I was 13, I was spending all of my out-of-school hours dressed as a young girl. I so looked forward to after school and weekends when I could be myself. Being a Transgender woman was what I was meant to be and I think deep down my family knew this too. I think they also knew that, one day, I would eventually transition. Many Thais believe being gay or Trans is some sort of punishment for wrongdoing in one of your past lives, but this was never said to me.

My mother and sisters were generally very supportive but I had still to win over my father. Despite his objections, I grew my hair to shoulder length. However, my promise to him was that, no matter how I looked, I would study extra hard to make him proud of me academically.

Between the ages of about 14 and I finished high school just before I was 18, many things happened. I often entered Ladyboy beauty pageants, sometimes with Ploy and Nok and sometimes alone. Most times I was placed in one of the top 3 places and even managed to win more than six competitions.

Gradually changing into a young Trans woman

When I look back at photographs of me taken during this time, I can see the changes year by year. I was becoming more and more feminine looking. I was slight in build, only weighing 46kg, but almost 1.7 meters tall. I had started taking female hormones, as many Thai Ladyboys do. Usually this is by taking female contraceptive pills for the estrogen content. I must admit I didn’t tell my family at first but my second sister found some half-empty packs when she was looking for some keys in my bedroom, so I had to admit it. There again, I had grown fairly small breasts due to the hormones. I had also taken to wearing a bra full-time, so guess it was only a matter of time before someone queried me. The hormones had also helped put some fat on my hips so that I had a nice feminine shape and, of course, my skin was soft and female-like.

What were my plans? Did I see my myself as a Transgender woman or was this just a phase? Or was I really just a gay man?Pim – Thai ladyboy

Perhaps the biggest thing happened when I was 17, though. One night, my mother and father sat me down and we talked through my situation. My mother did most of the talking, as Thai mothers tend to do. She said they would support me if I wanted to live full-time as a female but just worried about my future. What were my plans? Did I see my myself as a Transgender woman or was this just a phase? Or was I really just a gay man?

Dating as a Transgender woman

My sexuality had confused me for some time. Although I had been dressing and living most of my time as a Ladyboy, I had never dated a man. Partly, I think, this was as I was so busy studying, I had little spare time. And when I did have some time, I much preferred to hang around with Ploy and Nok and to enter beauty pageants. Also, partly, at the back of my mind, I think I felt I’d rather wait until I had had the surgeries I longed for before I started dating.

Having breast implants were still a maybe as my breasts were still growing and I knew if I went on “proper” hormones I may end up with a B-cup breast size. This would be fine for my height and weight. Yet, I really wanted gender confirmation surgery. After all, I see myself as a woman, nothing less.

So, fast forward 5 or 6 six years. As soon as I started University, I started living full-time as a female. For anyone who is familiar with Thailand, you will know that there are dozens of Transgender women or Ladyboys who come out as they enter University and live and study as young women. Most Universities have no problem with this.

Ladyboy Dating on My Ladyboy Cupid

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Marketing and Communications and might do my Master’s Degree in a year or so. As I have been working for two years, I had saved up enough and had my gender confirmation surgery almost five months ago now.

I have made up my mind that I am now ready to date and, as I said at the beginning, am about to join the ladyboy dating site MyLadyboyCupid. This site is highly recommended by my other T-girl friends. Quite a few of them have found a foreign man on the site and, indeed, two of my friends now live overseas with men they met there. I am still in touch with Ploy and Nok and they said they will join MyLadyboyCupid once they have had their surgeries.

Now, let me think, what do I write in my profile?


Just an average guy and admin of MyLadyboyCupid.