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Advice About Ladyboy Dating You Shouldn’t Follow

There’s so many relationship advice for ladyboys and gentlemen in the web that maybe you don’t know what to follow anymore.

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Being able to maintain a lasting love is not a bed of roses and even with the massive dating advice, you absolutely shouldn’t follow everything you read.
Knowing how tough it is to see what’s true, we’ve compiled a list of relationship rules you should totally ignore. By knowing the tips you can set aside, you will be able to focus on the good chunk of knowledge you should learn and master:

1. Always ask for romantic gestures during the dating stage

The first wave of dating is always composed of sweet gestures and attractive promises from each other. The spark is there, you can feel it – like the world will be okay even if things go wrong just as long as you are together with your transgender sweetheart or gentleman. However, a person may be swift in falling in love but it is totally difficult to stay in love.

But one of the gravest sins of all is to be disappointed when you think things are ‘falling apart’, at least in your standard. Keep in mind, some things might get in the way – work, personal problems, family and other things. Don’t always expect grand gestures of love from your partner and don’t throw tantrums when your expectations are not fulfilled. And lastly, you should also strive to show your partner what you are looking for. That way, he or she can see and follow your idea.

2. Assert that you are the boss in your online relationship

You want to be in control of the relationship. You don’t want to be the one to give up things. You always want it your way. But wait, you are dating! You are not alone.
A healthy relationship is all about meeting your transsexual lover or man halfway. Relationships are always full of compromise because it entails respect from both parties. You are together because you want to support and love each other equally, not because you want to be superior to someone.

3. Avoiding relationship conflicts at all cost

Scared of dealing with confrontations? You shouldn’t feel that way. You should practice honesty, especially if you are still establishing your online relationship. How else would your partner know what you hate or things that absolutely make you uncomfortable?
If you remain quiet about the things you don’t want, trust us when we say that your partner would never be a mind-reader. In short, don’t bottle up your feelings. Aside from transparency, it is also a way for both of you to get to know each other on a deeper level.

4. Checking out the private messages of your partner

You have trust issues or a gut feeling that you should check the private messages of your partner… Stop those thoughts now! Even though you are together, you can still have other things aside from each other. Give yourself and your partner space. A true relationship doesn’t put jealousy first on the list.

We hope this article helped you with your dating issue. Here at My Ladyboy Cupid, we want to keep you informed and updated about different relationship scenarios you might face or is facing right now.

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