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Your first time with an Asian Ladyboy

Many of the men who join MyLadyboyCupid looking for a beautiful Trans woman have never been with an Asian Ladyboy.

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But let’s say you are a man who has not. You joined the site because you are fascinated by Ladyboys or Trans-pinay. You love their femininity and their characters. You admire their beauty and poise and the fact that they have conquered many obstacles to get where they are today. To your eyes, they are complete women. Albeit not born as a genetic woman they have the emotional sensibilities of females, but with some advantages and “additions”.

Meeting up with an Asian Ladyboy

So, you have spent some time chatting with the Trans woman, or several Trans women, who appeal to you. You have flirted online and told each other about your interests and hobbies, about your career and your goals. If she is in your home country it will be relatively easy to meet. But if she is a Thai ladyboy or a Trans-pinay from The Philippines, you may have to plan a trip. Maybe next week or next month or some future date.

In any event, if you are realistic, you can’t expect any Ladyboy or Trans-pinay you are hoping to date to jump into bed the first time you meet. You may get lucky, but if you are looking for a long-term relationship with someone you respect, manage your own expectations.

Yet, hopefully, if your relationship develops there will be a time when you do want to hop between the sheets and experience sex with an Asian Ladyboy. What key things do you need to consider and be aware about? What fundamental things do you need to avoid doing or saying?

Finding out what a Ladyboy or Trans-pinay really likes sexually

Well, here are some great tips to help you get the most out of the sexual side of your Transgender relationship:

  • if you are curious about whether your Trans friend still has a penis or has had gender confirmation surgery and now has a vagina, be discreet and tactful. Try to let her tell you rather than ask. If you have to ask, wait until you know her better to start on this subject as it is often a very sensitive point;
  • if she still has a penis, try to ascertain if she is comfortable with it or detests it. Many Transgender women detest their penis but choose not to have it removed for their own reasons (maybe cost or spiritual considerations). They see it as an unwanted appendage and prefer to ignore it;
  • if she is comfortable with her penis, you need to subtly find out whether she prefers that you do not talk about it or touch it during intimacy. Or whether she is happy to use it, and if it is still functioning and can be part of your enjoyment. Often prolonged infestation of female hormones can make the penises of Ladyboys or Trans-pinay redundant. In other words, they can no longer get an erection and so the organ stays flaccid no matter how you try to stimulate it;
  • irrespective of whether your Transgender date still has a penis or not, you will need to work out whether she likes anal sex. Some Trans women still do even after removal of their penis and creation of their vagina; some simply don’t enjoy a cock up their rear;
  • then there is you. If your Trans friend has a working cock, are you okay with being penetrated or do you just want to give her satisfaction by masturbating her or maybe simply giving her oral sexual stimulation (ie a “blow job”)? Or, indeed, do you want to penetrate her anus or not?
  • a high proportion of Asian Ladyboys have had breast implants. Part of the procedure is to have their nipples relocated slightly. Their nipples will be very sensitive as this is a side effect of taking female hormones and so you can easily give enjoyment by sucking or lightly biting the breast nipples of a T-girl. But don’t squeeze her breasts too hard, you don’t want to damage the implants;

Sexual enjoyment with a T-girl can always be worked out

Of course, every man gets to know what the lady he is having sexual relations with likes. He knows how to turn her on and finally make her climax. Being with an Asian Ladyboy is no different, it’s just that there are certain, quite unique considerations. No doubt everything will work out well and you can enjoy a fulfilling sex-life with one of the beautiful Trans women you met on MyLadyboyCupid. But getting to some sort of basic understanding of what you should/should not or can/cannot do before you go charging into bed will greatly help both of you!

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