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How to Date A Ladyboy from Asia?

You already have a relationship with a ladyboy who you’ve met online on our TS-dating site, but now you feel afraid to go on a date with her?

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Don’t ruin what you have with your ladyboy sweetheart, My Ladyboy Cupid gathered some of the best tips you can apply once you meet her. Remember all of this and you’ll do great on your first ladyboy date.

1. Appreciate your ladyboy girlfriend looks’

She prepared a lot just to make herself look good and the least you can do is compliment her. Alongside that, you have to make her feel you are happy to see her. Most men do not have exaggerated expressions and sometimes that makes ladyboy partners uncomfortable and they may question if you like them at all. Know when to say that you appreciate your partner’s being there. It will also ease the tension you are both feeling and conversation will smoothly start after that.

2. Be a gentleman to your ladyboy

Just like how you treat the other women you’ve dated, show some chivalry by leading her to her seat, opening the door for her, and other things that will make her feel you are really interested about her. Remember, ladyboys are women – never ever make them feel like they are not a woman. Plus, don’t be intimidated if she has a strong personality. In fact, you should be proud of her if she is one because you know that she’ll never settle just for less and if she chose you, then you must have done something good.

Transsexuals are real women, and never make them feel that they are not

3. Encourage your ladyboy lover to share things about herself

You want your partner to feel you are genuinely interested in her. Know what she likes the most, ask the questions you couldn’t ask through our built-in messenger, and lastly, listen to her intently. Your ladyboy will really appreciate it if you don’t space out during her spotlight. Also, kindly avoid looking at other girls simply because ‘respect begets respect’.

4. Show the world you are proud to be with your ladyboy

Please, please, make her feel she’s special. She experienced enough judgment from the world so as to show your affection, hold her hands in public. Don’t ever make her feel like you don’t want to be seen with her in public places. She will feel insecure once you get distant. Keep in mind, she’s out there in public because of you and kindly remembers too why you liked her in the first place. The whole world is damned if they don’t like who you are with, what’s more important is that you accept her wholeheartedly.

Now, that the list is all done, have a great date with your Transsexual woman. Don’t forget to show your true self and be comfortable when talking with her. Share things about your day, even the silly things can be the great memories you may both bring home once the date is finished.

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