There is a saying that the first impression lasts and that is really true when it comes to posting your profile picture in our dating site. It will be the primary stage of scrutiny, whether you’re a ladyboy or a gentleman, that’s why it is so vital that you establish criteria on what to choose. A picture can affect all the opportunities you might have or you might miss since there is no face to face interaction yet. Online dating can be pretty hard that way because many people will not choose to message you just because they did not get curious upon seeing your photo.

But since we are committed to helping you every step of the way, My Ladyboy Cupid prepared some tips below to help you have a great start on our site.

Why is your profile picture so important on a datingsite?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, then an online dating profile picture is worth at least ten-thousands words. It is your first impression of finding possible matches. The first impressions are the most important, in real life and online. You could be completely compatible with someone but you may never know because their photo puts you off! But don't be afraid, we at My Ladyboy Cupid made a list that should help you to make your perfect first impression on our Ladyboy dating site.

1. Choose a plain background to make yourself stand out

You have to remember your potential partner will want to look at you closely. It will be better to fade out the background and let the camera focus on you.

Also, stray away from choosing a profile picture where you have people with you – always choose something where you can remain the focal point of the photo. The point is, you are branding yourself here. But it is up to you if you want to wear something formal or something casual.

Even the color of your background can affect the way people look at you. The most recommended background is white and black if you are quite unsure what to use but these colors work best with men. For the ladyboys out there, you can use fun colors – yellow for creativity, green for nature lovers, blue for calmness and peace, orange for optimism and enthusiasm, red for stability and passion, and violet for imagination and intuition.

2. Don't wear sunglasses and many other things

You want to look like you are approachable, likable and of course, dateable. Even we do accept photo's when wearing sunglasses, it is the best to stay aside from using them, don’t use hats to make yourself look more attractive. Your future partner will want to see your whole face, not just a glimpse of it or a photo blocked by different items.

For the men, it is best if you smile without showing your teeth and the opposite is applicable for transgender people.

3. Use a recent photo

You are part of a dating site and you have to be honest on your first step here. Don’t use a photo that was taken ages ago – if you start things right, you’ll end up with a positive outcome. That’s why even after seeing the profile picture of your ladyboy or gentleman, it is vital that there will be at least moments where you see each other on cam just to make sure that the person you are talking to really lives up to the hype of his or her photo.


4. Look natural

This is a reminder for the ladyboys to use a no-makeup makeup look and it can be one of the most time-consuming things you have to do to get things right. It makes men think you have a perfect and glowing look. Don’t worry, your efforts will be rewarded in no time.

5. Keep your clothes on

You may think that showing off your body and torso will win you lots of attention from possible matches. But studies about online dating is proofing otherwise. Members who post pictures of themselves topless or under-dressed tend to get fewer page views from other members.

Did the list help you choose your best profile photo? We hope it did because there are great things ahead for you here.

What matters more than anything is that you now have the power to choose your love destiny here. If you’re not yet a member, it is highly recommended for you to register now. After all, you hold the key to finally meet your future ladyboy partner or gentleman!


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