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Thanks partly to ladyboy dating sites such as MyLadyboyCupid, there has been a huge upsurge in interest in all matters to do with Transgender women.

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This has happened throughout the world, especially in Thailand. Hardly a day goes by without some positive news being reported about progress in respect of Trans women in the country. The news might be about a newly elected MP who is a Ladyboy or a film star who is Transgender winning a new starring role.

Ladyboys from Thailand have always been well known for their femininity, grace and beauty. Yet T-girl dating sites have, in many ways, made Ladyboys more accessible for the multitude of foreign men looking to date them. Previously, men visiting Thailand could see Ladyboys in one of the spectacular cabaret shows in Pattaya or Phuket or Bangkok. Or they could meet up with one of the Ladyboys who frequented a typical so-called “beer-bar” which, in essence, was a thinly veiled front for casual short-term sexual liaisons.

Ladyboy dating sites provide a much needed resource

But for foreign men looking to find a beautiful Ladyboy for a long-term genuine relationship it was not always that easy. Until the advent of specialised T-girl dating sites, that is. Yes, it became easier for foreign men to find and start chatting to a Trans woman online and, hopefully, start building a relationship from behind their keyboard. But questions still remained.

In fact, maybe more questions than you could imagined. These included: What was it really like to date a Ladyboy in really life? Then, what about if we really are compatible and reach a point when we want to live together? Or get married?

Or maybe questions such as the following which some men chose not to ask too quickly but stayed in the back of their minds: Will my friend and family think I’m gay if I am dating a Ladyboy? Or will they think I have “lost it” and am having a mid-life crisis? Or (and a big one): What is sex really like with Transgender woman? And just how do I, or we, go about doing it to make sure both of us are happy and satisfied?

Video blogs about Ladyboys

Now, it is not really the role of a dating site such as MyLadyboyCupid to provide answer to all of these questions, although most sites do sometimes provide a FAQ section and answers. And this is where the users and bloggers of You Tube stepped in.

You only have to type in “Ladyboys” or “Living with a Ladyboy” or a combination of “Ladyboy” and the particular question you have and you will find several video channels dedicated to these beautiful women. Most of these channels have been created by foreign men who have fallen for the allure of Thai Ladyboys and either are dating or have married them. Many such couples are living together and the channels proved great insights to the joys and challenges of not only mixed race but mixed gender relationships. In fact, there are now so many channels in various presentation formats on You Tube explaining all about being with and dating a Ladyboy that it’s hard to keep track. Our suggestion is that you look for the ones with the largest following. These are the ones presumably telling foreign men what they want to know about Trans women in Thailand—hence their popularity.

Many Ladyboys and foreign men have forged strong relationships

Having watched a number of the video blogs on several of the Ladyboy channels, a number of things are apparent.

Firstly, it is noticeable that the foreign men responsible for making the channels in conjunction with their Ladyboy partners appear to be truly in love with Trans women. Secondly, the content or stories can be summarised as follows:

  • the stories from Ladyboys about growing up and feeling different to other males is consistent. Many faced challenges in their early lives but, happily, their Thai families finally accepted them for what they are;
  • the Trans women in the video blogs come across as well-educated and smart. Most speak very good English and have strived harder than many genetic women to be accepted;
  • most of the Ladyboys agree they are simply women, emotionally and physically, after their surgeries are complete;
  • many of the Transgender women are at different stages of transition, with some not planning to have full reassignment surgery. Hence, there will be a variety of sexual permutations involved and the parties will need to find what suits each other best;
  • it is quite different for a foreign man living with a Ladyboy in Thailand as compared to living together in one of the European or US cites. Some compromises will be needed from both sides. Plus, an understanding that it may be harder for a Ladyboy to live outside of her comfort zone away from Thailand

All in all, it’s well worth taking a look at some of the video channels to find out more about what’s really involved when dating Ladyboys. Then, take look again at MyLadyboyCupid and see if you can find a Trans beauty for yourself!

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