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How to meet and date a Ladyboy in Bangkok

Probably every guy visiting Thailand thinks about an idea to have some fun with a Ladyboy.

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Eventually you can invite one to your room supposing she is a girl. In Thailand you can meet a super-sexy and feminine person and not to be sure it's a girl or not. So instead of being lost in conjectures or following a common rule of “she's too beautiful to be a girl she must be a ladyboy” better simply ask her. The Thai word related to ladyboys or trans women sounds as “kathoey”. So to find out if she's a ladyboy in Thai you would ask: Kun bpen kàtoey mǎi. To make your question more polite you can add the particle kráp at the end of the sentence. Another Thai phrase might be also useful if you want to know if she has already been undergoing a genital reassignment surgery: kun tam sàláyá-gaam bplɛɛng pɛ̂ɛt rʉ̆ʉ yang. Her answer tam lɛ́ɛo would mean that she has already done and if she answers yang mâi dâai tam that literally means "yet not done".

Long-term relationship with a ladyboy

If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a Transsexual or Ladyboy would also recommend our Ladyboy Dating site – MyLadyboyCupid where you can find lots of beautiful ladyboys even before your journey to Thailand or even the Philippines. Seeking for a ladyboy online has its own advantages: now you can be sure that you talk to an actual ladyboy. This side also features their status about sex reassignment surgery which might be useful as well: you avoid asking uncomfortable questions and don't have to learn Thai.

Meet ladyboys in Bangkok

In case you want to figure out if she is a ladyboy or not by yourself there are next few tips to do that:

• First off, pay attention to her behavior. Thai girls are less pushy and don't act such straightforward as ladyboys. In her approach the ladyboy knows what she wants and doesn't like wasting any time.

• Another quite easy trick is to listen her voice and the way she speaks. The ladyboys try to make their voice more soft and high like girls do and it can be rather obvious for you. Probably at first you will not spot the difference, but if you stay at least six months in Thailand you will distinguish them as quick as thought.

• However if you are in Bangkok first time and still didn't get familiar with Thai culture enough, here are other simple ways to find out the difference. Perhaps numerous surgeries make their look more pretty and feminine, anyway there are some things that change very rarely. Look at her – does she have an Adam's apple? Usually ladyboys apply way more makeup than girls trying to hide it.

• However neither makeup nor cloth would never hide their hands. Like in any country in the world Thai ladyboys have bigger hands than girls. Definitely there are exceptions also for this rule, then just take her hand – is her skin such soft and smooth as usually only women do have? And what way does she hold your hand? Thai girls don't put in much pressure at all, while ladyboys do and you will surely feel it. Examining hand look also at the ring finger: men usually have it longer than the index finger.

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