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5 things not to talk about with a Ladyboy in bed

Sex with a Transgender woman is much more than the act of intercourse itself. It also includes the foreplay before the act that creates a vulnerable,

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It also includes the foreplay before the act that creates a vulnerable, sensitive connection between the participants. This vulnerability will leave us wanting to have a conversation after having sex. Have you felt the need to talk to a ladyboy after having sex? Whether you have or haven’t, this article may also prove useful to ladyboys as well. Here’s a look at the topics to avoid talking about to avoid ruining the tender moment between you and your partner.

Don’t Mention your Ex-Ladyboy Girlfriends and Partners

Bringing up the past causes nothing but problems in a relationship, and the effect is only worsened if you’re bringing it up in bed. This is why your ladyboy girlfriend would not appreciate being told about your ex-partners and the kinds of sex you’d had with them. If you want to avoid hurting the feelings of your partner and making them jealous, then never bring up what you did in the past with past partners.

Don’t Talk About Negative Sexual Experiences with Dating Ladyboys

It’s true that healthy communication between partners is the key to a successful and healthy relationship, and when couples are used to talking about sex it can drastically improve their sex life. Even so, no one wants to hear comments and advice right after having sex. If you do have any complaints, then save them for a less vulnerable and intimate moment when both you and your partner are more open to that kind of discussion.

Don’t Talk about the Ladyboy’s Physical Appearance Negatively

Imagine the situation; you and your partner have seen every inch of one another and had an incredibly intimate moment together. Is now really the right time to tell them they could stand to lose a few pounds? If you don’t want to start an argument, then don’t make any negative comments about what your partner looks like in bed.

Don’t Talk about Plans for the Future and Marriage

You want to avoid making things awkward with your transsexual date, right? That is why you should avoid bringing up things such as the future and marriage after sex – especially if it’s the first date – as this makes your partner feel trapped. It’s much better to discuss these things at a later time in a more casual setting (preferably while both of you are dressed properly too).

Don’t Confess Your Love When Dating a Ladyboy for the First Time

It can be only natural to want to say those three little words after the climax when you’re filled with such strong and intense emotions, but telling your partner that you love them after your first time in bed together is a bad idea. The words ring empty when said in this situation, and they can be said with no emotional weight behind them. It sounds like it was impulsive to say. There’s nothing wrong with telling your partner that you love them, as long as they can tell that you really do.

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