Around x-mas time last year I suggested to my close ladyboy friend, Irma, that she join MyLadyboyCupid. I had joined the dating site about two months earlier and was very happy with my decision.

My name is Jessie Ortez and I live in Manila, The Philippines. From my earliest memories, I knew I was what’s come to be known as a Ladyboy or Trans-pinay woman. Growing up with a female mind and spirit, but in a male body was difficult. Yet the thought that one day, I would be able to transition to female kept me going.

Irma and I both had breast augmentation surgery around the same time in the same clinic in Manila. That was about two years ago and we have remained good friends ever since. We kept in touch and, quite by chance, had our gender confirmation surgery within two weeks of each other just before last x-mas.

When we were in the hospital, we talked about not dating men until we had had our surgeries. Yet we both know a lot of Ladyboys who decide to date when they are still in transition. However, neither of us had any interest in having sex with men who saw us as having some sort of fetish about our “extra body part”.

Ladyboys have different ideas on the best way to date

Anyway, despite being so similar in many ways, we had distinctly different ideas about how to find a genuine man to date and love. Firstly, I will tell you about some of Irma’s experiences and then I’ll tell you about some of mine! For those who don’t know, x-mas events and parties start very early in The Philippines. Some events even happen in November! It is a very religious country and x-mas is the biggest festival of the year.

Irma: I must admit that I was wrong. I always thought it would be quite straightforward to find a genuine man in Manila to date who could love me for what I am. Especially around x-mas time when people go to company parties or events and have a good time. For the last few months, I have been trying various ways to meet men. I have been to three corporate events and about four x-mas parties. I have tried bars and nightclubs. I’ve met plenty of Santa Claus’, but usually drunken ones! Not quite what I’m after.

I’d usually go out with a friend, either another Trans-pinay or a GG (genetic girlfriend). We’d frequent a few nice upscale bars, keeping a lookout for single men looking to meet a (Trans) woman. Quite often, a man would start talking to me but they were usually more interested in their friends or dancing or their drinks. Nightclubs after the bars were not very nice. By then most of the potentially eligible men were drunk or their girlfriends had appeared. Some men did talk to me and my T-girl friend but, as soon as they knew we were Ladyboys, they made an excuse and disappeared. Some even became rude. Some other men I met were simply looking for a one-night stand to see what it was like to have sex with a Ladyboy. They used coarse language and talked about “she-males”. I was really upset but kept trying as I was sure there was a nice man out there for me!

Almost all Ladyboys have the same problems with dating

At the same, I was trying various social groups, as well as a speed dating service. But the issue was still the same. Men would happily talk and flirt with me until they knew I was a Ladyboy. Then they’d suddenly remember they had something else to do. Actually, one man arranged a date with me for the following Wednesday, only to cancel it later. “I just can’t take the chance of being seen out with a Trans-pinay,” he said.

That was about two weeks before x-mas and the festive season was in full swing. I finally gave up and decided to make contact with Jessie again to see how she was getting on with online dating.

Jessie: Well, as I told Irma, it took me only a few minutes to join MyLadyboyCupid. Plus, the site is free to join! Within three days of joining, I had over 15 messages in my inbox. I had kept the personal details I uploaded quite brief as wanted to see who responded to me. I didn’t upload any overly glamorous photos either, just a couple of nice shots. I wanted men to contact me more for my brain and personality.

As all of the men on the site know I am a Ladyboy, so no chance of any misunderstandings there. Furthermore, the men who contacted me seemed to be looking for a long-term relationship so, again, a positive. As I told Irma, in a few days online I had been contacted by more men looking to date than she had in months of trying offline.

Anyway, Irma joined up as a member of MyLadyboyCupid about a week before x-mas. And she got a great x-mas present. She started dating a German man who lives in The Philippines and who is someone she really likes So, she should have a happy x-mas!


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