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Finding a love isn’t easy but taking no chance at all is much more dreadful. Here in the busy streets of Manila, you have all the time in the world to meet a strong connection – someone you can have a relationship for a lifetime. Since time is fleeting, My Ladyboy Cupid will make it easier for you to meet the people you are compatible with! This dating website was created for YOU, the Filipino transgender community – where you are not merely tolerated but celebrated – remember, you deserve happiness.

We evaluate your interests, hobbies, and background to give you potential candidates that match your profile. We don’t just operate to give you a platform, but we make sure that you get the best experience and excitement that you deserve. We want to ignite the passion that’s waiting to be lit inside you and let the currents flow through you. Let the love begin here, who knows, THE ONE meant for you is a member here, so hurry and sign up now. Meet the Filipino Ladyboy of your life.

The best ladyboy dating places in Manila

And while we’re on the topic, we would like to give you a few winner tips that will surely help on your first face-to-face date in Manila (we told you we take your love affair seriously, so buckle up, here we go):


1. Choose a mutual activity you both are good at or something you both want to try

Remember first dates have too much risk. By doing your shared interest, you make each other comfortable with the way you do things. Do not make the mistake of being too adventurous that you fail to level the ground between the one you’re dating. Building rapport is of utmost importance, and from there things can escalate quickly.
However, taking no risks at all is also bad. That’s why if you both want to try something new, find a common recreation you both want to try. Sailing on a boat while having lunch or dinner while looking at the spectacular view of Manila Bay might be a good idea or you can do some ice skating at Mall of Asia.

2. Make Brunch Happen

While using My Ladyboy Cupid, it may feel like you’ve known each other already, but by meeting up for brunch, you will get to know more about the person you like. It may be nerve-wracking to date but we promise you, it will be a phenomenal experience. However, dating has also possible setbacks. Meeting someone enables you to decide whether you really like a person. Food can make or break one’s dating game. It is a universal truth.
But fret not, choosing the right place can turn things around. You can head to Le Petit Souffle located at the Mega Fashion Hall to set a whimsical nature romantic place or you can visit La Spezia – there’s really nothing more romantic than Italian food.

3. 3. Ride Bikes Together

Available at the streets of Manila, riding bikes together will take you to a lot of places. Morning bikes are preferred, especially during Sundays where there are fewer cars on the road. You can take the trail near Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) going to Mall of Asia. Not only do you see the teamwork potential for both of you, but you can take as many stops as you want along the way where you both can sit down, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Seize the love and relationship you deserve.

Ladyboy dating in the Philippines - Manila

In the end, it is one’s sincerity to connect with your potential partner that will make you win. In almost all aspects, keeping it simple is the best way to enjoy things. Cheers and here’s to your first fun date from your My Ladyboy Cupid family!

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