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Why men dream about ladyboy girlfriend?

In Asia locals call them kathoey, while foreigners came up with another name for them – ladyboys.

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In Europe and America it's acceptable to call them trans or transgender women. Pretty often they might be also called by the more vulgar “shemale”, but that's commonly used by guys who absolutely don't know them and their little knowledge's are taken basically from porn. However, let's leave behind all the terms and their interpretations, and answer the question that occupies minds not only genetic females and men who are attracted to them, but also trans women including. What does make transgender women or ladyboys so special and desirable by men? What do men find attractive of them?

Love is a fairly strong feeling that sometimes makes people to take risks. For some reason a lot of men find something special in a relationship with ladyboys and they are ready to deal with criticism of the society. Fortunately the attitude to trans women is slowly changing for the better, however, the most part of changes still remains for the future. So why are men willing to connect their life with ladyboys despite of possible disapproval of society?

Too special to avoid

Obviously, they have something special and unique to offer that men can't resist. Through the long and delicate way of transition ladyboys mostly have got that particular sense of being a perfect woman. They work hard to express a woman that has always been inside them and that's a reason why they look so gorgeous and irresistible making them so desirable. Perhaps this is a reason why so many men despite different obstacles are seeking to commit to them.

By nature, people tend to give for something rare a special value. Obviously, ladyboys are in the minority, and they have a unique ability to understand a man's soul and to be tender and sensitive as a woman. Many of them experience difficulties in young age, and once ladyboys get rid of restraints imposed to them, they don't want to lose a moment of living a life as a true woman. Certainly, it changes their attitude to life and its challenges, therefore they tend to be positive and cheerful that makes them even more attractive. Maybe this is an explanation of why ladyboys got so popular among men. Sure thing, they would never leave you indifferent!

How to meet ladyboys

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