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Manila, the capital of The Philippines, is renowned the world over for its beautiful Ladyboys or Trans-pinay as they known locally. Manila is a great place for meeting ladyboys.


First of all, if you are looking for the best place to meet a ladyboy then you should definitely visit Manila. Last time we were observing Cebu City – it's also possible to spot there not a few ladyboys. Anyway Manila beyond any doubt is populated by the biggest number of Ladyboys in The Philippines. You will see them in bars, night clubs or even just walking around the city. You can also check it out yourself making a profile on the Ladyboy Dating site MyLadyboyCupid – there are trans girls on this dating site not only from Manila, but all over the Philippines, Thailand and other surrounding Asian countries.

And if you are still here giving a chance for the search in real then keep reading this quick guide for the most 'fishing spots' in Manila.

Let's get started from the ladyboy bars

At first, what's important to know: unlike ladyboy bars in Thailand , the Philippines has no bars dedicated to ladyboys. Quite possibly this situation will change in the nearest future because every year more and more trans girls can been seen in bars or just walking by street.

Anyway nothing prevents you, guys, to give a look at one of the girly bars or so-called 'bikini bars' where can be found one or two ladyboys among the girls. Well, this option is ideal for guys seeking for some naughty adventure. In this way, you can have a lot of fun visiting High Heels on P Burgos Street or LA Café in Ermita, for example, and buying them some lady drink.

Manila has great ladyboy dating possibilities

For many, Manila is a city with everything. It is also a city of stark contrasts. With a huge population, many crammed into dense living spaces, the city manages to be chaotic and hectic, yet relatively laid back at the same time. Excellent, modern shopping centres and luxury hotels, high class condominiums and a millionaire’s row of luxury housing in Forbes Park.

Then there is the crippling poverty in the shanty towns and slum areas. Over population by the poor, encouraged by the omnipresent Catholic church. The same church which stifles educational opportunities and free thought, in order to keep the populace subservient.

Manila is a city where entertainment of almost any variety, type or form is available. An active ladyboy dating scene. Boy bars, girly bars. Trans-pinay venues, nightclubs, great cabaret shows (regular girls and Ladyboys) and so on.

The ladyboy society in Manila

So, how do Ladyboys or Trans-pinay manage to fit into this sort of society? Actually, surprisingly well. Whilst not totally accepted and still subject to many prejudices, Ladyboys are widely tolerated. They are very visible in Manila society working in shops, offices and, of course bars and nightclubs. Not to mention the famous cabaret shows where it is possible to see dozens and dozens of stunning Trans women. To many, in Asia, to many, Manila is the capital or “queen” of Ladyboy cities!

Many Trans-pinay have achieved regional and international fame in beauty pageants such as Miss Tiffany Queen or Miss Universe. Only Thailand with its own Ladyboy beauties comes close to the record of success enjoyed by Trans women from The Philippines.

Manila clubbing life

And here it might be a bit disappointing because Manila as the city where concentrated the biggest number of night clubs doesn't have any club to meet Filipina ladyboys. However, as the best option in such case might be recommended Exklusiv in Malate where girls usually come to find a company usually late at night (around 1 am).

Take a coffee

In the previous guide we already mentioned the shopping malls as a place to meet ladyboys in Cebu. Same as Cebu City you can go shopping in Manila and find some pretty girls also there. If men want to get acquaintance with an Asian ladyboy usually they heading to the bar or night club. Anyway you will be surprised to learn that taking a cup of coffee in Starbucks might be also successful for meeting a ladyboy. Usually they can be spotted in Starbucks, Café Havana and outside patio of Greenbelt 3, same as in the Mall of Asia and restaurants nearby. However, sometimes it's better to take a walk far away from the popular touristic places and explore new areas, for example, Harrison Plaza in Malate.

Find your ladyboys date online

Visiting a ladyboy dating site expands the search range in times because there can be found hundreds or even thousands of transgender singles who just waiting for your message! Not everyone would go around night clubs looking for naughty fun. Lots of men seek to find a ladyboy girlfriend for serious commitment. That's why, MyLadyboyCupid is your best and easiest option to find your date if you are looking for commitment and long-term relationship.

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