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The Pros And The Cons Of Ladyboy Dating

If you are someone who is considering having a ladyboy girlfriend, you probably have a lot of questions and this article will try and help you find the answers.

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You might wonder where you would even go about finding a ladyboy girlfriend. We'll address these questions and give you a clearer look at ladyboy dating.

Many Asian ladyboys are known for appearing on adult porn sites, looking very sexy and attractive and causing men to drool while looking at images online.A lot of people are under the belief that these ladies are making really great money in the porn business and living a very high-end, fancy lifestyle by living out men's fantasies.In reality, this is not true.Sadly, Thailand is not even a third-world state anymore, they are much poorer than that. Even though ladyboys are more accepted in Asian cultures vs the Western world, they are rarely able to get jobs as a receptionist, in stores, or other blue-collar positions, not to mention not offered prestigious high-end jobs.

The average pay for ladyboys is between 200 to 300 Baht which equates to $6 to $10 American dollars for 12-hour work days and in most cases, Asian ladyboys will accept these conditions. Speaking about ladyboys in the adult sex industry and sites online, this is a completely different story.They are involved in the sex industry which is extremely popular among foreigners coming to Thailand and looking to satisfy their innermost desires with ladyboys, girls, and even guys, depending on their sexual preferences.

In many cases, ladyboys in the sex industry work in Go Go Bars or other bars, freelance or a combination of jobs. In most cases, they are drinking with foreigners, dancing, having fun, and will often sleep with foreigners for the right price out due to the need for money.If you wonder why they choose this path, it's a lack of money or a good education and they really don't mind considering popular ladyboys are bringing in 100.000Baht every month.

You can still find a ladyboy girlfriend as most of these ladies are looking for a foreigner to take care of them while helping them to leave their jobs at bars.Ladyboys are not as concerned about a foreigners appearance including their weight, whether they are old, or just unattractive.To them, it's getting a greater status in life so they are looking for foreign men.

Things that can help you deal with a relationship with a ladyboy:

1. Money:

In order for a ladyboy to leave her employment will take financial support which would be a certain sum of money each month so she can improve her life and also take care of her parents which is very common practice in Thailand.

It's actually very complicated to decide how much money is adequate because it all depends on the ladyboy and the relationship.Some are very happy to just receive some money and have a place to live that's near you. Others will take as much money as they can get their hands on.

2. The Difference In Culture:

You will learn that ladyboys in relation to culture can vary greatly in Thailand.There are many different cultures and their beliefs in many different things including religion, family, sex, and lifestyles. Trying to force your girlfriend into a Western culture will not go well.It will cause arguments, misunderstandings, and even descent in your relationship.

3. The Language Barrier:

After working for some time in the sex industry, many ladyboys have learned many different languages but their knowledge in a language is limited.If you are talking to a ladyboy, you will discover that on the most part they speak broken English.On one side of the coin, that's a benefit because you can easily understand them but the other side of the coin, they probably will not understand everything you are saying to them.This has led to many misunderstandings between both parties.In some cases, you might say something that is harmless but she has interpreted it to mean an insult and then the arguments fly.

4. About Jealousy:

Jealousy is actually very common in relationships between ladyboys and men.He might be jealous over a previous relationship she had in the past. Possibly, he is concerned that she will start looking for someone who treats her better and is rich enough to pay her for her sexual performances.On the other hand, this ladyboy knows all too well that other ladyboys would be glad to sleep with her man and take her place.These relationships can be very stressful with all the temptations surrounding both partners and especially for ladyboys' many relationships.

Lack Of Independence:

The bottom line, if you take a ladyboy out of the bar scene and support her, you will be spending 100% of your time during the day and night. This could be a very difficult position for a man from Western culture as most men know women in Western cultures are very independent, usually have jobs, friends, a higher level of education, and her own lifestyle outside her relationship.In general, living with a ladyboy can lead to jealousy from her if you want to spend any time at all away from her.She will easily wonder why you would go out without her unless you are looking for a new girlfriend.

There will be situations that will arise if you are dating a ladyboy or have a relationship with someone in the sex industry.This is not about all relationships because there are many very successful stories between ladyboys and foreigners.

The best thing avenue, be honest with each other. If you only want a relationship with a ladyboy only for fun, tell her!On the other hand, if you have said you want a much deeper, long-term relationship then realize you are moving into a completely new stage of life.

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