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Romantic dating activities with your Ladyboy in Davao

With the current president of the Philippines hailing from Davao, the tourism has increased rapidly. The said city offers historical and modern spaces – a complete package for one’s dating plan and guarantee that your stay in Davao will be much cheaper than in Manila. We’ve prepared a list of places where you can surely get bonus points from your date. Remember, Filipino ladyboys want to know you care for them and one of the ways to show that is making sure you have a plan for your date.

Dating a transgender in Davao

In this time of technological advancement, there’s no need to worry about dating a transgender since Filipinos are quite accepting of their presence and what really matters is YOU like each other. The whole world be damned just as long as you believe in each other. Take a peek at our list of activities.


1. Just keep it simple, visit People’s Park

It is a four-hectare cultural theme park where you can take romantic walks with your ladyboy, holding hands might even be possible if you become comfortable with each other. Preparing a simple date such as this means that instead of going for an extravagant strategy, you instead want to listen more to what your aspired future partner wants to say – and there’s nothing more romantic than confessing your interest at a nature-loving setting.

2. Strut some beachwear at Samal Island

Dubbed as ‘a little paradise on earth’ – dating your ladyboy will surely keep the romance alive. One day is not enough to explore the island, but the good thing is with the abundance of activities you can try, both of you will never get bored for sure. You can try scuba diving, walk on top of canopies of trees, laze around near the shore, and so many more. If both of you have the knack for adventure, then this is truly the place to be – something serene yet a place that offers exhilaration!

3. It really is more fun to eat in the Philippines, eatsplore at Kaonan!

Good food equals good mood. Dating’s most important requirement is indulging in hearty foods and Kaonan can offer that. Their meals are prepared and inspired by an indigenous cook, mostly served in a bamboo or sungka plates – it’s one of the best ways to immerse yourself and feel like you’re a native of Mindanao. Don’t forget to try their pork binagoongan and maalas na baboy.

4. Arrange a picnic and do some stargazing at Talikud island

This islet is an underrated island that you should never miss to visit. It is too far from the city and a small resort that offers some privacy, away from the city lights where you can do some stargazing at the vast night sky. It will surely keep your relationship with your ladyboy closer.

Ladyboy dating ideas in Davao

Make your ladyboy partner feel like nothing matters

Don’t forget that the best thing about your date is YOU. Your presence and your ladyboy matters and what you feel for each other. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing someone you love in the flesh.

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