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Sending money to your ladyboy girlfriend

And now it’s time to pick out for our ladies few effective ways of finding a decent partner.

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Is it worth sending money to ladyboys?

First of all, this matter doesn't concern exclusively Asian ladyboys. Everyone knows that there are individuals who abuse someone's trust and generosity also among women and men, in other words, scammers. Apparently most of the people know about the risks of sending money to someone met online, however for the new guys in online dating this article might be helpful.

Who does ask money for?

Basically it might turn out to be two situations where you send money to a ladyboy. At first it might be just a scammer with a single purpose of luring as much money out of you as possible. She would pretend being in love with you and call you the sweetest words, but you would never meet her in real life. She would find plenty of reasons to postpone this meeting or stall until you surrender.

In the second case you would actually meet her and you would have some sort of relationship with her, but this time you would deal with a continuos flow of money spendings to support this ladyboy and her family. And here there is a fine line – whether you help her as your girlfriend in need (considering the economic situation in South-Eastern Asian countries or discrimination against ladyboys, especially on the Philippines) or she just uses you as a “sponsor”.

Being a ladyboy is pretty expensive: makeup, clothes, hormones, cosmetic procedures – all this requires money for looking attractive ladyboy.

That's why some Asian trans girls seek a rich foreign guy to afford all those needs. Sometimes they may have even more than one sponsor, and these guys don't know about each other. Well, this fact doesn't concern each and every ladyboy, most of them still look for a true love and decent partner to share genuine feelings with.

Under what pretext?

Taking into account the economical and social circumstances, there might be different situations and reasons why Asian ladyboys may ended up in need. However, you should pay attention and protect yourself from unnecessary spending if it comes to money right away as you start chatting with a girl.
There are plenty of reasons why they may ask you for money and here are the most typical:

  • one of her family member is sick and she needs to pay for the medical treatment;
  • she needs to pay for Internet access or refill her mobile account (otherwise you would not see her again);
  • it's her birthday (or any other holiday a celebration of which she can't afford or she's waiting for a present from you);
  • or her request might be direct and plain (“Send me money, please”).

In conclusion, western men have a leverage in ladyboy dating – the willingness to give sincere feelings and real commitment, which is so hard to find for ladyboys. That's why, money shouldn't be the main component in relationship, at least at an early stage of dating. In case you are chatting with a ladyboy and the conversation turned to money, it's a good sign to say nicely “bye bye” and move forward in your search. There are lots of single ladies on My Ladyboy Cupid who are more worthy of your time and attention.

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