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Ladyboy dating: How Dating multiple people can backfire

It’s no secret that once you sign up here at My Ladyboy Cupid, we give you several suggestions of ladyboys or gentlemen based on your preferences.

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Those options can actually be a positive or a negative thing for you. It can lead to enabling you to see multiple people all at the same time.
Somehow, there’s an unwritten information about this. Everybody knows they can easily hit up someone’s messenger without their current date knowing anything. The reality is, our dating site can allow such a nasty thing to happen without it being our intention in the first place. However, before you indulge in that idea, let us convince you first how to ditch such a notion:

1. You will get confused when you tell your stories to your online date

If you have so many people you are chatting in our messenger, there will come a time when you’ll lose track of the information you’ve talked about. And if your trans or gentleman partner is honest with you, he or she will see right through you. Don’t’ mess up something that can really be good for you in the long run.

2. Time will be an issue and your transwoman or boyfriend will get suspicious

Do you really have so much free time that you can get to know many transsexuals or men all at the same time? How will you even get to know someone’s personality if you don’t shift your focus to knowing one person? Plus, it can also be considered as cheating!

Don’t you think you should have a clean conscience? Be a better person by cutting off connections you don’t really want.

3. Sooner or later your transsexual girlfriend or boyfriend will know the truth

There are no secrets that are left uncovered. Everything that you do to other people will get back at you. Plus, it will really be hard to show concern to each and every single one you are dating. You should be exclusive with someone and if it doesn’t work out, that’s the only time you should look for other potential singles who you can have a meaningful relationship with.

4. Got hurt before?

It’s not a valid reason for you to cheat. Don’t turn it into a psychological guilt trip. If you experienced it before, it is all the more reason why you shouldn’t do it to other people. You know it stings and you know it’s going to be hard to move on – especially if you are also given the chance to be intimate with your partner.

However, if you are bent on dating multiple people, please inform them and let them decide if they want to stay with you. You have to make them choose. Further, it will also be a good idea if you are sexually active with your partners because they at least know what they’re dealing with.
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