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I woke up with a start as daylight started to stream through the blinds on the windows.

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I looked to my left and saw the tousled black hair of Joe, a man I’d first met through MyLadyboyCupid. He was face down with one of his arms under the pillow, and still sound asleep.

I’m Kit, a Transgender woman, sometimes known as a Ladyboy, from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, and this is all about how I found happiness…

Ladyboys often get undeserved criticism

I looked around under the duvet and found my panties and bra then, still naked, carefully crept out of bed not wanting to wake Joe. The memories of last night’s lovemaking flooded back as I pulled on a bathrobe and headed for the kitchen to make some coffee.

I’m not sure how much you know about Ladyboys, but I always feel that we get a high degree of “bad press”. There is a lot of negativity about Transgender women, even in Thailand. I guess it’s not surprising really as there are a lot of Ladyboys in the famous Thai resort destinations such as Phuket and Pattaya who work in the bars and nightclubs. Some, but not all, are happy to engage in short term paid sexual liaisons. This is their choice, as there is clearly a demand for such from tourists and locals alike. Some others, unfortunately, supplement their incomes by stealing things from tourists’ hotel rooms or even robbing or scamming them on the street.

Such actions, even though carried out by a small minority, give all of us Ladyboys a bad name. I don’t condone what these T-girls do but you need to understand that many are desperate to have the necessary operations and transition and really don’t have the money. And no real hope of getting it.

Trans women and gender dysphoria

If you understand anything about gender dysphoria, which is what all Transgender people suffer from, you will know that its impact on your life is overwhelming.

For me, though, I have been lucky. Yes, I suffered very badly from gender dysphoria, especially in the year or so before puberty. Luckily, I had (and still have) a very supportive family. My mother and older sister especially, who both knew that I was Transgender, possibly even before I did.My mother is a doctor and had some experience with other families with Ladyboys and she had counseled them on the best course of action for their children. My sister had also spotted my feminine tendencies and had actually caught me several times dressing in her clothes before she confronted me about being a Ladyboy.

At my mother’s insistence, I went through all of the correct procedures to transition. Puberty blockers at the age of 12 to prevent my voice breaking and keep my skin soft and body relatively hairless. To be fair most Thai men do not have much body hair anyway, but the blockers certainly helped. I started a monitored course of female hormones when I was 15. I’d promised my mother that I would not self-medicate and take birth control pills for their oestrogen content as many other Ladyboys do.

Although my father was not 100% in favor, I started presenting full-time as female from about the age I started hormones. But my mother’s argument to him was that I was to “all and intents and purposes” a young woman, so why stop me wearing a dress or skirt and top as I wanted.

Ladyboys need to express themselves

Some Thai schools do allow students to wear clothing which corresponds to their designated gender so this was no real problem. Interestingly, universities here seem to have a very high proportion of Ladyboy amongst the student population. So far, I haven’t yet quite got the complete answer as to why.

I had breast implants at 18 as the estrogen had only allowed me to grow A-cup size breasts and I’d always wanted bigger breasts to match my body size. Finally, I had gender confirmation surgery at 22 even before I graduated as a fully-fledged medical doctor. I was delighted when the surgeon who did my surgery told me that I could probably achieve orgasm. However, I left trying out if this was true until about three months after my vagina had healed.

Honestly, I had a couple of brief sexual encounters before I met Joe but you have to remember that I’d waited 22 years to have my body look and work as it should. It was like being reborn, that’s the only way I can describe the feeling post-gender confirmation surgery.

Anyway, enough of this…, let me have a shower, get dressed and do my make-up. I need to do some ironing too. Oh…, and also before I go to the medical clinic I own, I must send the link to MyLadyboyCupid to my best friend who is also looking for a foreign man to date and start a relationship with.

Then I’ll be counting down the hours until I come back home and Joe and I start doing again what we really enjoy doing… oooh, I feel all of a quiver just thinking about it!

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