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Growing up and being in Ladyboy beauty pageants

As a follow on to one of our articles about ladyboy beauty pageants, MyLadyboyCupid managed to meet up with and interview a famous Ladyboy showgirl from Thailand.

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Jintana grew up in the north provinces of Thailand and knew she was different to other boys from an early age. Partly by accident, she started entering Transgender beauty pageants around the age of 9. After gaining several top 3 placings, Jintana worked her way up to pageants in her home city, which has a population of over one million people. By the time she was 14, she had been in more than 30-40 beauty pageants and been seen by millions of people. She was a regular feature in the local press and quite a local celebrity.

Being in Ladyboy pageants felt natural

To concentrate on her studies, Jintana had a 2-year hiatus from competition but returned to beauty pageants when she was almost 17. By then she knew what she wanted to do with her academic career. She was aiming to do a degree at a prestigious Bangkok university.

The peak of Jintana’s beauty pageant career was being placed second in a major national competition in Pattaya. Offers to stay in TV and the film industry poured in and she now spends most of her time modeling. She also promotes her own brand of cosmetics and accessories. In case you wonder, Jintana completed her gender confirmation surgeries when she was 22. She is still single, and is now keen to find a man to love and spend quality time with.

When we met her, she told us she had heard about MyLadyboyCupid as one of her friends had recommended the dating site to her. Her friend had said it was one of the best sites to find a genuine and loving man who really liked Trans women. And once we told Jintana more about out site she joined on the spot….

So, in her own words, here is Jintana’s story about being in some beauty pageants in Thailand:

Actually, I don’t quite know how I ended up in the first Trans beauty pageant I entered. It was at the local temple, and it may have been at Thai New Year (Songkran). At that time, the whole country has a 4-5 day holiday. I think it might have joined because a friend of mine who was 1-2 years older than me (I was about 9) told me about it.

I do recall wearing a traditional Thai women’s dress, but think I still had a pair of boy’s shorts on underneath. No bra or any female underwear as, after all, I was still only just a “girl”.

My friend’s older sister did my make-up. At the time I thought it was wonderful. However, looking at the photos, I can see my face was too pale and the red blusher too strong. I wore a long black-haired wig which was lifted and pinned up into a big bun. Everyone said I looked wonderful, so feminine. My mother said I could pass for a real girl and I recall hearing this gave me a real thrill. Honestly, this was the first time I had ever worn girl’s clothes in public. Once or twice when I’d been alone at home, I had slipped on one of my sister’s dresses or my mother’s skirt and top. Yet, I didn’t know why I was tempted to do so. It was opportunistic rather than calculated. And, of course, I had no idea that I was Transgender at that time.

I remember shaking just before I went on stage at the beauty pageant. But I am not sure if this was due to nerves or excitement. It really was quite something to walk out on stage in women’s clothes in front of my whole village. I am happy to say I won the competition. This was, undoubtedly, my springboard for future Trans beauty shows.

Many more Transgender pageants followed

Over the next 5-6 years, I competed in well over 30 other Transgender beauty pageants throughout the province and region. But many things had changed. Not least that the competitions outside the village were much more serious. And you had to be really focused to do well in them.

I had met some other so-called Ladyboys as a result of my win in the village competition. They taught me a lot about dress style and make-up. They also introduced me to the advantages of female hormones which could be obtained by taking female contraceptive pill. These contain estrogen. Such pills helped keep me feminine looking, kept my skin soft and helped my hair grow thicker (by now, I had naturally long hair down to my shoulders).

I was also becoming aware of my own sexuality and gender. I knew I was attracted to boys and had gradually worked out that I was not gay but Transgender. In fact, looking back, I had an outstanding moment of realization. Everything I had been thinking and worrying about just fell into place. It was just before I entered a beauty pageant in a nearby city. It was the first time I wore female underwear, bra and panties. I was competing with other Trans women slightly older than me so had to present a fully feminine figure. As I pulled on the slinky panties, fastened the bra strap across my back and slipped a pair of silicon breasts into the bra cups, I knew. I just knew that I was meant to be a woman. I felt a sense of realization, and relief, flood through me. That was it, all the questions were answered. I was Transgender.

Jintana told us she is proud to be a member of MyLadyboyCupid. She also said it was time to start the next stage of her life adventure and find a man to love here for what she is…. a woman!

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