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The best ladyboy bars in Bangkok - we took the test!

Because so many have shown an interest in the best Ladyboy Bars in town, we decided to set out and do extensive research and exploring of Bangkok’s offerings. Amazingly, there were more ladyboy bars in Bangkok than we thought there would be.

The three main places we found these bars are Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana Plaza. However, we wanted to actually visit them to provide a better picture of what you might expect when making your own visit. They all range in size and the condition of the bars is pretty good. Some have very pretty ‘ladies’ while others employ those that are less feminine. The conditions of the establishments leave little to be desired.

However, our overall investigation was rather productive and luckily, most of the ladyboys we talked to could speak decent English. This made the conversations actually very entertaining. You might be curious about these bars but have never visited one and that is understandable. Just know that from our experiences nobody is turned away from entry and you won’t need to worry of being ripped off when it comes to drinks and fair pricing. Thailand is one of the most-accepting countries when it comes to ladyboys and ladyboy dating. There are many intricate beauties in Thailand and if you don’t believe us, just have a look at the Miss Tiffany’s Universe contest. Or register for free and browse through Thai ladyboys that have an account on MyLadyboyCupid. For now, let’s discuss our findings for the best Ladyboy bars in Thailand.


This Ladyboy bar is located in Bangkok and is probably the best around. The layout is classic with a lot of space, a large stage in the center featuring poles for dancing girls and floor space for solo dancers. The girls we spoke to appeared to be extremely feminine and pretty. Many spoke rather well English, some spoke a little Japanese.

These girls were very nice and not overly-pushy or aggressive. However they take advantage of what they can in a classy way; waving from the stage, etc. The drinks were priced about the same in regards to beer vs. other liquor, around 150 baht, so they were slightly higher than usual. In addition, Obsession is not likely for those just venturing into the world of Ladyboys; the ladies can get rather friendly, rather quickly! If you don’t mind some physical contact, Obsession might be the best place for you!

Obession ladyboy bar Bangkok

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King's Castle III

King Castle Bangkok

This Bangkok ladyboy bar was found in Patpong and is most definitely the best ladyboy bar you will come across. As a matter of fact, if you weren't aware of the bar’s nature upon entering, you would likely never know it’s a Ladyboys bar. There were about 12 to 15 girls on the stage that did a great job keeping the paying customers happy. Many had lady-like features including a slim figure, tall height and plenty of curves to make one envious. While their attire was pretty minimal, their makeup was flawless.

They spoke fairly good English, some better than others, and were easy to strike up a fun and casual conversation with. Not the usual "What’s Your Name?' or 'Where Are You From' conversation starters like at most bars. The Thai Ladyboys we encountered at King Castle III were actually quite educated and not aggressive at all.

The space of the bar was slightly smaller than most average bars in Patpong, but the 'L' shaped stage fit well in the room and could accommodate the 10 girls dancing; which danced much better than most gogo dancers. Beers are 120 baht with drinks for the ladies starting at 100 baht.


Just as the name suggests, the Cockatoo bar in Soi Cowboy was very bright and inviting. The majority of local go-go bars feature a bright, large neon sign, which helps visitors easily locate the establishment. However, the Soi Cowboy likely goes unnoticed by passersby due to the lack of a giant neon sign. The girls and staff were very friendly and we had no hesitation once we stepped inside. The prices are fixed and included on the menu; no surprises unless your first-time visit is without proper research first…!

The room is not very big and does have a stage in the middle with inviting sofas on either side; this could be a good or bad thing. The club hosts around 10 ladyboys and those we spoke to seemed to speak fair English and were easy to carry on a conversation with. We recommend Soi Cowboy for those first-time visitors, as it seems to be the nicest environment of Bangkok’s three ‘hot’ locations.

Cockatoo ladyboy bar Bangkok

Cascade Ladyboy Bar

This particular Bangkok ladyboy bar was likely the most impressive in regards to the design. A very large room featuring a design best described as ‘Flinstone’s Cave’ occupied the space. In addition, a multilevel stage was in place which could hold plenty of dancers; we’re talking what looked like 100 but was likely more around 50, which is still a lot!

Cascade Ladyboys Bangkok

The girls did not appear to be as attractive and slim as the others, but it’s definitely a place where anyone looking for any kind of pleasure, will definitely find it. Cascade drink prices were 150 baht for a beer and all other pricing seemed reasonable as well. It’s a more fast-paced atmosphere, likely due to the fact that it is in Nana Plaza, so be prepared for feeling slightly overwhelmed if this is your first time visiting a ladyboy bar in Bangkok.

Temptations ladyboy bar

The jewel that is Temptations is located in Nana Plaza and is one of the more interesting go-go bars that we’ve visited. One of the differences we noticed is how the dancers grace the stage in two groups. One girl will dance and eventually swap places with one of the girls hanging out on stage, waiting for their turn. There are, however, distinct differences between the two groups. One group is more attractive, with strikingly tall, slim, feminine figures.

Temptations Ladyboys Bangkok

The other is more of a collection of ‘average’ girls, that have average qualities. Interestingly enough, the twist here is that one group are actual girls and the other group are ladyboys! We feel it important that you know this because you will be surprised to learn that the more attractive ladies are in fact, not ladies at all! This was a fun place to visit and we really appreciated the contrast in environments and overall features as compared to the other ladyboy bars.

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