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21 Years
Quezon City
I am: A Transsexual woman
Age: 21
Country: Philippines
City: Quezon City
Type of transgender: None-op
Sexual role: Versatile
Height: 172 cm / 5´7"
Weight: 42 kg (93 lbs)
Body type: Average
Education: High School Grad
Employment Status: I'll tell you later
Occupation: I'll tell you later
Religion: Not Religious
Have Kids: No
Status: Single
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: No
Willing to relocate: Yes
Style: I'll tell you later
Ethnicity: Asian
Eyes: Black
Languages: English, Tagalog

About myself

In desperate need of a sugar daddy and also a loyal one. (I need plastic surgeries and want to be beautiful and passable) exchange for love and sex. I love a daring man that isn't afraid to be REAL . DM me as I will reside in Thailand this 2019 . I don't like freebie men, I'd rather prefer little boys......... ofcourse transwomen want to transition to be able to blend into society. A pathetic little boy that is mad about it and couldn't handle, should not bother. I love a real man that knows his place in life and protects his WOMAN, MONEY WISE, PHYSICALLY WISE AND LIKE WISE, EVERYTHING. I deserve better. and if you can't see that, TOOOO FUCKIN BADD BITCH . Next on in line please .

I'm sick and tired of cismen and the bullshit honestly. Sick and tired of your kisses and anal sex. I will be RESPECTED, I deserve so much more, I am going to be treated as a WOMAN, the world owes me so much for the crap I've been through from hell and back.

Pay my full transitional surgical procedures and I'll forever be so loyal to you, Money revolves around everything. TRUTH HURTS AND IF I HAVE HURT YOUR FRAGILE MANHOOD. Please don't waste time on me. I need a real ass man. A sugar daddy honestly. That's on that.

If you see this, this is my sugar daddy WANTS & NEEDS list: -

1. Facial Feminization Surgery ‘FFS’.

-Forehead Contouring.
-Hairline Lowering.
-Lip Thinning.
-Rhinoplasty, ‘Thin & Smaller Nose, Alar Re-sectioning, ‘Nostril Thinning’.
-Double Eyelid, Widening.
-Chin Augmentation.
-Fat Grafted out My Cheeks.
-Brow Bone Shaving.
-Brow Lifting.
2. Breast Augmentation, ‘Saline’.

-500 cc, ‘Moderate Profile’.
3. Sex Reassignment Surgery, ‘SRS’.

-Colon Technique, ‘Vaginal Canal Depth’.
4. Fat Transfer/Graft, ‘Back, Abdominal, Arms, and Calf Areas’.

-Hips/ Breasts Cleavage Areas, ‘Natural bouncy big busts, DD’s’

I plan to find a man that could help me pay half or even better, everything. I dare a real ass man not some little BOY. To be brave enough to protect me, help me, financially/physically because I deserve so much better. I deserve so much of life.

I plan to have works done on all my face areas at Pratunam Polyclinic because it’s cheaper, most importantly, I just want to shave down most of the prominent bone structures such as my forehead and brow bones, if I see his works aren’t what I visioned myself to look like, I shall correct few of his works like the nose at a Korean-based surgeon, for lets say. Dr. Thep gave me the nose I did not desire. I shall shrink it even more at a korean-based doctor, then boob job in Kamol hospital, lastly, Asias Cosmetics Clinic at Nonthaburi for the sex change, because I don’t want to contract urinary infections via a hijras-styled-scrotum/penile-inv ersion-sex-change with little to no “sensation - down - there”.

No games, No jokes, No buffoonery .

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