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38 Years
Great Britain (UK)
I am: A Transsexual woman
Age: 38
Country: Great Britain (UK)
City: Northampton
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Body type: Average
Type of transgender: None-op
Sexual role: Bottom
Height: 172 cm / 5´7"
Education: I'll tell you later
Employment Status: Self-employed
Occupation: Artistic / Writer
Religion: Spiritual
Have Kids: No
Status: Single
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: No
Willing to relocate: No
Style: Sexy
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Brown
Languages: English, French

About myself

I'm Tammi, a genuine attention seeking, blonde ditzy t-girl bimbo from Northampton UK. I was born in Montreal, Canada, so I guess that makes me Canadian... and yes I do still have the accent! I'm honest, fun, slutty as hell, very ditzy, very naughty, very genuine, very girly and very REAL!!

So why do people I meet and see call me a bimbo? Well firstly it's the way I dress I guess, short, tight, revealing, slutty, sexy, are all words that I think of when getting dressed to leave my house! A real bimbo doesn’t ask “is this too revealing?” She asks “is this revealing enough?” That's what I think. Also, I don’t think: “I hope nobody sees me like this.” I think "I hope lots of men look at me and think, "she's an attention seeking slut"! As basically that's what I aspire to be seen as by men. Bimbo's love male attention, as do I, so dressing to please men is paramount on my agenda every time I start to get dressed and leave my house.

I also love wearing extremely heavy make-up, the thicker the better with over-the-top red and pink blusher to make my cheeks stand out, thick glossy lipstick to make my lips look pouty and full, with lashings of lip gloss to really make my lips appear sexy. I think its important to keep my make-up fresh and lips well glossed at all times so men can see I make an effort to look good for them. Even though I'm not that great at my make-up Sad

Being a bimbo for many years, I have learnt to accept the fact that when I walk down the street, my main objective is not to get from A to B, but to attract as much male attention to my slutty ass and legs as possible. Wiggling my bum and walking like an airhead bimbo is an absolute must and comes very naturally to me, no matter where I am. My miniskirts and minidresses are always the shortest I can legally get away with in public, usually just long enough to just cover my bum cheeks, but only by a few millimetres at most!

The second reason men and women think I'm a bimbo, is down to how I behave...I'm not the brightest light on the Christmas tree!! In fact I'm quite the dumb ditzy blonde to be honest!! When I'm out with friends I twirl my hair when chatting to men, I giggle A LOT but never really understand people's jokes. I love anything girly, especially pink sparkly make-up or super dooper girly clothes. My brain is cotton candy and I can't read maps to save my life, I even get lost using those sat navvi things! I love talking about girly stuff and can't stop talking about men! My voice is very girly and I do say some stupid things, even by my standards, but the boys don't seem to mind lol. I get called some very rude names by men, which is a real compliment and keeps me dressing as slutty as I can for them.

I'm honest, genuine, as kind as I can be and love to be friendly to everyone I meet. I take some crap from people who don't understand this scene or due to the way I dress, but I take it on the chin. I'm confident in my myself as a t-girl and what I want to be, so very happy to totter around public places and events, always dressed as a slut of course to get maximum attention from all the boys!

1. I never ever respond to faceless profiles, sorry! I like to see who I'm talking to, which I think is only fair!! So please don't expect any conversation with me if you don't have a profile face pic. I'm not being awkward or anything, just being honest.

2. I never date or meet guys without a profile face photo, as in my experience, guys who don't have a profile face pic are usually either married, attached or need to be discrete for one reason or another, usually work. All of which I respect 100%, but its not going to be a good fit with me and my lifestyle.

3. I never give out my phone number to guys I have never met, so please don't ask! I'm not here for sex texting or being bombarded with WhatsApp messages from guys I don't even know... thats pointless!

4. I never meet other t-girls for any sexual relationships! I ONLY DATE FEMALES OR MALE ADMIRERS! Sorry gurls, its not you, its me. I'm bi so I love being with men and genuine females, but I am just not turned on by other TV's for some reason. I'm happy to be friends and chat, but please don't ask for anything more.

5. I never meet married men! I never cheat on anyone I’m in a relationship with and I just don't want to be anyone else's dirty little secret, nor could I live with myself if I was in a relationship with a married man, its just not right or fair on his wife!

If you think we are a good fit then please get in touch....don't be shy boys!! Wink X


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