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Europe is part of the Western world together with Australia, North and South America. It is a place where the sun sets – the opposite of Asia where the sun rises. It has about 4,000,000 square miles in land area, the next smallest continent after Australia. It is booming with history, artistic works, and amazing culinary dishes.

Just a heads up, public washrooms are paid between €0.50 to €1.00, especially in places like Paris and London. It is easy to get around Europe through trains, it is quick, efficient and affordable. If you’re a tourist, you can buy Eurail Pass if you want to go around different cities.

Italy, Malta, Netherlands, United Kingdom (UK), Sweden, France, to name a few, are the countries who have established rights for transgender people. Now that the basic background has been set, check out the list of facts regarding the transgender people living there.


27 countries that protect transsexual people against discrimination in employment

According to the Trans Rights Europe Map of 2018, though that is the case, 10 European Union (EU) member states still do not protect against discrimination in employment. Also, about 22 countries protect against discrimination of purchasing goods and services. However, 14 EU member states still do not adhere to this.

Progress has been made, but we are not there yet

Though progress has been made, 34 countries in Europe such as Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Turkey, to name a few, still oblige transsexual people to a mental health diagnosis before they can change their gender identity

Even though the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declassified transgender as a mental illness, as long as the rights of these people have not been fully given to them, stigma, exclusion, and discrimination will continue to persist. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) strongly advise against subjecting trans people from undergoing mental health treatment or having a mandatory diagnosis in order to achieve and be recognized with a different gender identity.

Sterilization is still compulsory in 14 countries of Europe

Before being able to finalize the documents of a transgender individual, they are forced to follow sterilization so they can legalize their gender identity change. However, there are still many countries like Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Malta, where no sterilization is required in order to gain legal gender recognition.

18 countries also offer protection against discrimination in healthcare and 2 countries prohibit conversion therapy. In addition, 4 countries recognize trans parenthood.

Dating transgenders in Europa

Dating Transsexuals in Europa

All in all, Europe is way ahead of Asia when it comes to establishing laws and guidelines for their transgender people. We hope this article helped you gain some perspective on your European transgender partner.

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