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Interested to date a Thai ladyboy? Thailand is the country you are looking for. When it comes to numbers, they come on top. If you’ve been to Thailand before, then probably you are aware that they are very included into Thai life. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are famous for their ladyboy population. In fact, this country is dubbed as the ‘land of smiles’ and perhaps it coincides with their way of welcoming people and how respect is defined in every aspect of their life.

As such, transgender people are accepted and present to the community – but you also have to take not that they enjoy freedom to express themselves not because the country is liberal but because they have non-confrontational attitudes. Thus, ladyboys are great contributors to the society with others working for cosmetics, shopping malls, television, cabaret shows and other prominent occupations available.

Ladyboy culture of Thailand

They are confident and most of them don’t care about money because they are already financially capable. In short, they are not scammers. However, with any transactions that are money-related, always proceed with caution. There will always be people who will live up to the negative stereotypes but on the other side is the opportunity to meet charming people who might become your prospect for long relationship. It will be difficult finding them, that’s why My Ladyboy Cupid aims to connect you to the right people in order to meet the RIGHT ONE.

One thing you should always consider when dating is the culture and Thai people hold it with the highest regard. They are very warm people but can have deep bitterness towards foreigners once their traditions are disrespected.


They love and respect their culture, so should you

You also have to be aware that since they do not like confrontations, they don’t complain when they don’t like a certain food at a restaurant or if the service is bad. They simply do not go back to that place. If they are confused, they will smile. If they are happy, they will smile. Thai people have variety of smiles, so you have to research on that. It can be very confusing but always going the extra mile will help you understand what they really want to say and to also help you in your dating quest.

They need a PUSH to communicate that's why online dating is famous

In general, most Thai people are shy that’s why online dating is popular. They need to have an outlet where they can interact with someone without using direct interaction. Also, take in consideration that the dating culture there is quite conservative so pubic display of affection is not recommended, although it is acceptable – holding hands, kissing, and hugging is okay but affection more than that will be frowned upon. However, the younger generation is adept when it comes to Western culture and some are willing to go their way to adapt with your culture too. Make sure that you are also interested in compromising – it is a very important aspect of every relationship, especially when dating Thai ladyboys or kathoeys. Moreover, your Thai ladyboy girlfriend will want you to be proud of her so don’t isolate her when you’re in public even if many people will probably put their attention on you. They may wonder if you’re aware that she is a transgender but none of that matters as long as you accept her for who she is.

Always be aware of your differences. It is more helpful to know the likes and dislikes of your partner before you meet so you can lessen the mistakes you will face on your first meeting. There are so many things to know more about Thailand and if you are really serious when it comes to dating your ladyboy, it is significant that you update yourself and it is also not a sin to ask your partner of the things you should be aware of.

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