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Dating is some tedious work that requires more than a commitment to love someone. If you are keen on dating a ladyboy from the Philippines, it is significant to know some aspects of the local culture that may either make or break your date life.

You have to be aware that Philippine society is quite tolerant when it comes to transgenders. You need to know that a lot of parents even allow their parents to go to beauty pageants starting at the age of 8 years old. There may not be transgender marriages at the moment, but you have to be aware that even divorce and abortion laws are not yet widely accepted here. The Philippines is still considered very religious but have a high openness to homosexuality. To put it shortly, a lot if not most ladyboys are confident with who they are.

Ladyboy culture of the Philippines

The first thing you need to remember is to have sincerity. This is an important quality that is sought after in any suitor. Since you’re not yet adept at the culture of the Philippines, you have to know that most television shows depict ladyboys in the Philippines struggling to find true love. Most stories include the horror of being betrayed in their relationship because they were only used for money and sad to say it is considered a reality when you are a ladyboy.

Ladyboys in the Philippines only want to have something genuine, someone, who will love them for who they are. That is why My Ladyboy Cupid strives to give them the right options to meet the right people at the right time.


Relationship with a Filipino ladyboy

Second, to some dating may be something that’s only meant for two people. But when a Filipino ladyboy thinks that you are getting into a serious dating relationship already, you will be encouraged to meet the family. You will be seen more favorable if you adhere to this custom and through this, you’ll get to bond through drinking sessions and you’ll be surprised at how hospitable they are because they are thankful that you accept and love someone they care for. Remember, it pays to put your best foot forward and go through the right process and while you’re on it, it is also considered a custom to bring treats such as foods from fast food chains or small tokens from your country when you visit your ladyboy’s home.

Philippines Ladyboys

Dating a Filipino ladyboy

Lastly, dating a Filipino ladyboy will enable you to binge on delicious foods and maybe find yourself in some karaoke bar. If there’s one good trait of Filipinos, it is that you’ll never go hungry when you are with them. They will love you in the warmest and welcoming way they know. Karaoke is an added plus too because most Filipinos, especially ladyboys love to sing. Singing is part of their culture, whether they are happy, sad, or just going with the flow – having karaoke moments will make you drink a can of beer while singing your favorite song in a place where a lot of random people get to hear and see you.

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Filipino ladyboys are really one-of-a-kind! What are you waiting for? Hurry and sign up now. We here at My Ladyboy Cupid truly wish for your love success.

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