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Thailand land of a thousand smiles and home of perhaps the most beautiful Asian ladyboys women in the world. Of all Asian countries, Thailand is at the top of the list of most trans women, followed closely by The Philippines. When you think of the term 'ladyboys', the link is usually immediately made with Thailand. And that's for a reason, according to many statistics, most Trans-women in the world live in Thailand.

And of course you can meet a lot of ladyboys in the famous tourist places such as Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket. The nightlife of these cities is generally known to be vibrant and diverse. With many ladyboy bars and Thai ladyboys who also enjoy going out, meeting a local ladyboy is easy. And because these cities attract many tourists, many Thai ladyboys also speak good English. What influences the contact in a positive way. But what if you want to meet a Thai ladyboy, but are not living in Thailand?

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Then there is good news, you don't even have to go out! Because a dating site like MyLadyboyCupid is enough: the leading ladyboy dating site that links westerners to the transgender beauties from Thailand. With a large membership base of both ladyboys and men who are attracted to them, it is the ideal place to find an Asian ladyboy partner or trans-oriented man for a relationship.

The advantages of a ladyboy dating site are that you can contact a Thai ladyboy or man of your dreams on the comfort of a cup of coffee behind your own PC or on the couch. You can adjust the search so that you only see the profiles that meet your criteria. And once you've found the perfect match, a simple message can be enough to break the ice. We recommend that you make the first contact through our site until you know the person well and feel comfortable sharing personal contact information.

Some of our success stories:

Since opening our doors in December 2014, we have had the honor of receiving many success stories. This makes us very proud not only because it proves that our dating site is successful but more that we have helped many ladyboys and trans-attracted men find their true love. Some of the success stories that we received are:

Mica & Kevin - myladyboycupid

Kevin & Mica

Two years after chatting first on your website, Mica and I are now married and living in the UK

United Kingdom
Martin & Donna - myladyboycupid

Timothy Clark

I did propose to her and the big day is up to her to come up with a plan. We will marry soon and be together forever!

United States

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What sets myladyboycupid apart and makes it unique in the wonderful world of dating is that we focus only on creating true love and relationship between a ladyboy and a trans-oriented man. And many Thai ladyboys are looking for their soulmate and their other half. And because trans women from Thailand are among the most beautiful in the world, they are very popular with Western men.

Thai ladyboys; famous all over the world

Thai ladyboys are not only famous for their exceptional beauty, but also thanks to popular cabaret such as the The Ladyboys of Bangkok which is very popular in England. This is a cabaret show worth seeing and definitely recommended if you have the chance. In Asian countries the name Ladyboy is indispensable, but in the western world most trans women do not feel comfortable with the term 'ladyboy' and the name 'transgender woman' or 'trans-woman' is more appreciated.

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