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48 Year
United States
I am: A Transsexual woman
Age: 48
Country: United States
City: Atlanta
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Body type: Athletic
Type of transgender: None-op
Sexual role: Bottom
Height: 175 cm / 5´8"
Education: Post-Graduate
Employment Status: Full-time
Occupation: Technical
Religion: Christian / Protestant
Have Kids: Yes - at home full-time
Status: It's complicated
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: No
Willing to relocate: No
Style: Chic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Brown
Languages: English

About myself

As life inevitably flows forward, I continue to wistfully float along its winding path; adjusting and learning as I proceed. With the recent addition (Aug 2017) of HRT to my regime, it is time for a reflective update to my various profiles.

I am a gender fluid person living in Georgia (middle/central part), born of the male sex. I started exploring my feminine side around 2007. I have an agreeable duality to who I am rather than a dysphoria (well, maybe it is a blended dysphoria). I am not in conflict or agreement with my actual sex. Gender-wise I embrace/enjoy/love both of my genders. One of them just happens to better match my born sex (cis) and the other is transgender. I am the same person, not a split personality  My feminine side is more the sweet, friendly, loving, warm, delicately honest, loyal, extroverted, gentile, sensitive type. My masculine side falls along the lines of the quiet, snarky, sometimes agitated, loyal, brutally honest, passionate, introverted type. I do wish I had equivalent time between genders. I am married and unable to be myself and explore around the home (includes house, home town, workplace, etc.). This is not something my wife/family would in any way accept or understand---yes, I am certain, yes I have plenty of proof to know that is the case, yes I know that eventually something will come to light and need to be addressed, but yes, as I am comfortable in my duality, I am happy with my current other side. I am not looking for the destination (strategic and conclusive), I am living the journey (tactically).

I try to blend my genders and sex into as much harmony as possible. Although I would never see myself considering altering my actual sex (perfectly happy with it), I have embraced bringing more of my female gender to light through HRT. We will see how it goes, check back for updates or disaster reports.

I have the infrequent chances (a couple a year) for out of state conference trips, and about a night or so a month for work in Atlanta or Savannah. I have met been able to get out and about to wonderful events/venues and meet terrific people in Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Philly, Orlando, Los Angeles, Providence, etc. Although born in Georgia (family has been here a few hundred years), I moved and grew up in the Bay Area, but have been back in Georgia over 25 years. I love getting out, dining, dancing, clubbing (general clubs but also the alternative/couple/swinger/BSDM types---the feminine side is a touch kinky), and LOVE getting physical. I am a very passionate, playful, bouncy, spunky, energetic, submissive bottom type of gal...gentle southern belle type. I am happy and comfortable in evening wear for a fundraiser, summer wear for shopping, club wear for dancing, “other” wear for other things…versatile It is impossible to find me *not* smiling when I get to release that playful, feminine ½ of myself through delicate smiles and passionate kisses. That silly grin is permanently plastered across my face.

I do not get into cybersex, phone sex, text sex, etc. However, I am not adverse to playtime; I have a very high, insatiable (embarrassingly so) sex drive LOL What do I like? First and foremost, clean (showered clean, and D&D clean), safe, fun, physical, respectful people who enjoy exploration. I am pansexual. When it comes to adorable girls (transgender or CIS), most everything turns me on LOL. For the gents, I tend toward guys a bit older than me, clean shaven, well spoken, non-smoking, and the total dominate top type. Give me sexy, passionate (possible group), play with a touch of spanking/bondage thrown in for spunk, and I’m a happy gal. What do I do not like? I do not like Lots of body hair, facial hair, a lack of personal hygiene, and people who confuse arrogance with dominance.

Answers to a couple of questions that always see to arise (1) My tattoos are not real, just the temporary kind; just for a touch of edge I would love to have real ones, but not something I can get away with obtaining. I almost got a pair of airborne wings many, many years ago after jump school, but that is a different story (I served on a LRSU team); (2) The work that allows me just enough travel to ease my need to express myself is IT (information technology). I have not ended up exactly matching my function to the academic background. Graduate degree is software engineering, but I actually do more infrastructure/project management/oversight (data centers, enterprise applications, networks, security, telephony, etc.).

I think in another life, I would have been a nudist. I certainly do not have any problems with the nude human form---a few of my pictures/albums readily document this fact but I respectfully keep those non-public. Some people will take issue, but I love it. Hell, I would be naked all the time if allowed. I am flirtatious, so if you happen to meet me out and about, please don’t get upset, I’m just a very touchy/feely kind of person.

One thing about contacts/emails/friend requests/etc. I have found on all of the social sites I use that newer/empty accounts tend to be largely junk. Lots of wasted time in back and forth communication. I am really sorry for those truly honest, sincere new or empty accounts, but I avoid responding. So, PLEASE NO CONTACT FROM NEW OR LARGELY EMPTY PROFILES—that tiny rule has served me well.

My name is Charlotte. Charlotte (all important/personal/family names, nothing to do with the Queen city---note it is the ‘ey’ type of Storey). Call me Charlotte, Char, Renee, or Lottie, I answer to all. So say hello, you could be the next contestant on “this gal’s not right” LOL

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