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Ladyboy dating site and Scammers

If you’re considering dating a ladyboy then you’ll encounter a lot of success stories about Western men meeting ladyboys, falling in love, and having lasting relationships.

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However, searching online for any kind of dating comes with drawbacks as well as benefits. That’s why for every guy that found his true love there’s at least one who fell victim to a scam or fraud and had no luck at all. Unfortunately this can end up costing someone their life savings or, even worse, a broken heart. The best case scenario would be just wasting your time. An important question to ask yourself when ladyboy dating is how to avoid being scammed and emotionally manipulated like this.

Who are Ladyboy Scammers?

It’s important to avoid generalization. The majority of Asian ladyboys are decent women that are looking to find their lifetime partner that values real emotions as much as they do. The fact remains that ladyboys generally come from South-East Asian countries with poor economies though, so you should be aware that there are some girls that are only interested in making some money.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the scammers come from the Philippines. People from the Philippines are good English speakers, at least compared to other Asians, and so it’s easier for them to talk to foreigners.

The average salary in the Philippines is around $200, and it takes a lot of hard work to earn even that much. This is why Philippine ladyboys are able to make easy money by throwing away their morals. Some may be left with no choice, they have no other way to survive. Not everyone wants to become a prostitute after all.

How to Spot a Scammer

Picture the scene; you’ve found a ladyboy online, you’ve been talking for a while, there’s definitely chemistry between the two of you, and then she asks you to send her some money for any reason. These reasons could be just about anything; such as having to pay an internet or electricity bill, or to buy a new laptop to stay in touch with your, or to help her parents. Maybe she says she needs the money for expensive medical treatments, or that it’s randomly her birthday and she doesn’t have the money she needs to celebrate. Either way, you find it difficult to say no to her; especially if you’re hoping to meet her in person and have a long-lasting relationship with her.

As time goes on she asks for more and more money for more and more reasons, and they generally ask for more money than what they’re asking for would cost. You aren’t sure if the money you send her is being used for what she said or for something else entirely. Perhaps she has someone else that is “helping” her too. There are a number of different ways the situation can play out. Maybe the girl really does need your help. Always exercise caution whenever money comes up during ladyboy dating. It can sometimes be easy to tell that you’re talking to a scammer because they only talk about what they need.

It’s important to understand not every ladyboy is a scammer and you shouldn’t suspect every girl you meet of being one. It’s true that many of them are interested in meeting a man that can provide them with a secure financial future, but this is a normal part of dating, whether dating a transgender woman or not. Ladyboys are interested in foreign men for much more than just their wallets. Many of them are serious about meeting a great man and creating a wonderful life and family together.

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