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Why Your Ladyboy Date Did Not Work Out

You finally met a ladyboy online and you had a really great date. You had a wonderful conversation, you laughed and got to know each other, and the time just seemed to fly by.

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Maybe you decided to go for a long stroll along the riverwalk or visited your favorite pub for a drink. It seemed like the perfect date! The next day you sent a text message hoping you could get together again really soon.

So, what went wrong on your date?

A week or so went by and you heard nothing accept excuses about their work schedule or family issues. At some point, you realize there is not going to be a second date. You might think you did something wrong when in reality, you didn't, it just didn't work out the way you hoped. Possibly your date has just gone through a messy divorce or they just wanted to have a fun date and leave it at that. The bottom line, it just did not end up the way you were planning on.

You went out of your way to be good company and, just like everyone else, you want to be liked. You might have shared similar interests such as you both love dogs, you like vacationing in tropical regions with sun-baked beaches. It's only natural to think back to the date that was a huge success and therefore you were a total success in the world of ladyboy dating.

Sometimes, there is no clear reason

Confusion can quickly set in when you thought everything was just great and you were on the way to a romantic transgender relationship and then the rug is pulled out from under you. Sometimes, there is no clear reason what went wrong. Even though your date showed a sincere interest in you, possibly they didn't know what they wanted. It's always a good idea to stay uncommitted until you know where the relationship is going. That could take up to a few months so stay patient and know you did nothing wrong.

That said, there are still many rewards from experiencing a fantastic first date that just never went any further. You have proven to yourself that you are great company and people really do like you! This is when your patience will pay off so you are not beating yourself up. Keep in mind, it's just a matter of time before that ideal person comes into your life and you are going to know it!

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